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4 Tips for “surprise” sex

There’s nothing that makes sex more boring than the same-old, same-old. Use the element of surprise to shock your sex life back into overdrive.

Woman suprising man with sex

1Wear something different to bed

What do you usually sleep in? If you’re normally a T-shirt-and-undies kind of girl, don a sexy slip. Or if you’re always wearing a negligee, go nude. Wearing your new threads (or no threads at all), get into bed before your guy does, and when he’s snug in bed, take his hand and pull it to your body to give him a little jumpstart — he’ll be rarin’ to go in no time.

2Stun him with a new position

After a few months (or a few years), your go-to sex positions can get stale. To change things up a bit, awe him with a different approach. Try reverse cowgirl (it’s just woman-on-top, except you face his legs rather than his chest). There are pluses for both of you: It gives him a nice view of your curves, and if you’re self-conscious about your stomach, that won’t be a factor here.

3Say something that’s slightly naughty

Are you normally weirded out by being chatty during sex? That’s totally normal — dishing out dirty talk can sometimes feel awkward or inauthentic. To change things up with your man, try uttering a phrase that’s kinky but not overly so, like, “That feels so good,” or change it into a command — “Make me feel good” — for some extra spice.

4Change up your usual roles

Does he normally initiate intimacy? Then it’s your turn to give him “the signal,” whatever you fancy your signal to be. Maybe a long, slow kiss? Shedding clothes so there’s no question about what you want? Do it! If you’re normally the aggressor, let him come to you: Drop little hints that you’d like to have a little bit of sexytime or strike a sexy pose (you know you have one that he can’t resist) right before bed so he’ll get the message. Switching up your usual sex roles will add a bit of the unexpected (read: excitement!) to your next roll in the hay.

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