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Trend alert: Sexy pre-wedding photos

There was a time when boudoir photos were either deemed tacky or taboo, so the idea of getting sexy photos taken of yourself as a gift for your guy all but disappeared. But more and more brides-to-be are giving new life to this formerly tried trend and signing up for sultry photo shoots with tasteful results that are more artistic than tawdry. We delved a little deeper into this emerging trend to find out more about these fun and frisky photo sessions.

Bouidior photo shoot

Boudoir shoots are back

SheKnows got the inside scoop from professionally certified wedding and portrait photographer Kay Eskridge about how to make the most of a bridal boudoir session and how to prepare for your sexy photo shoot. Boudoir photo sessions are gaining popularity as more women photographers are offering this type of imagery, Eskridge explains, which puts female clients in a more comfortable and safe environment and one where they feel they can better express their sexy side in a whole new way.

Choosing a photographer

The first thing Eskridge recommends is to do some homework by searching online for professional photography studios in your area and checking out their websites. “Looking over their awards, degrees, philosophies and overall professionalism should come before addressing pricing,” she says. Eskridge also lists some important questions to ask yourself before even making your first phone call to a potential photographer:

  • Does their website attract you?
  • Do their images represent a variety of styles and looks?
  • Are their products and prints of high quality?

Once you’ve decided you’re interested in learning more, Eskridge strongly recommends a face-to-face consultation at their studio. “If you don’t think you’ll be comfortable either with them or in their studio, than I’d keep looking,” she says, adding that trust is a big part of this type of photography and it’s important to be able to talk openly about your expectations as well as any concerns you might have.

Getting natural-looking pics

The best boudoir photos are the ones that look totally natural, but being at ease enough to get the shots you want can be tough. The key is to work with a photographer you’re comfortable with, which is why meeting them at their studio before the session is so important. Seeing the studio beforehand also gives you the chance to familiarize yourself with your surroundings so the session goes smoother right from the beginning.

Eskridge also suggests having professional makeup application and hairstyling done, bringing your iPod so you have music you like to listen to (which can really help set the mood), having a variety of looks to choose from and even getting a massage before your shoot. If you think you’d be more comfortable with a friend or two along, why not turn it into a bachelorette party? If your BFFs don’t want to bare all, Eskridge suggests Pin-Up portraits or a Little Black Dress theme — and then go out to celebrate afterwards!

What to wear

Bouidior photo shoot

What you wear to your boudoir shoot depends on the look you’re going for. “Each woman is different, so it’s most important to celebrate what she thinks is sexy. The clothing is just a bonus,” says Eskridge.
Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Wear your husband’s dress shirt, tie, fishnets and a pair of really great stilettos.
  • Lingerie is always fun to wear and ranges from demure to seductive.
  • A sexy little black dress with your favorite heels can be just as sexy as showing some skin.
  • If your man loves you in a favorite pair of jeans, you can wear a bustier on top with some sexy shoes .
  • Wrapped in nothing but satin sheets is always sexy.

No matter what you wear, it’s all about being able to let loose and get some photos you and your man will love. Says Eskridge: “The bottom line still comes down to making the right decision from the beginning about selecting a professional studio and portrait artist who understands a woman and any concerns she might have, and then gives her a safe, comfortable place to celebrate her inner diva!”

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