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7 Secrets to a less painful period

Even the most powerful women can use a few tips during her period. If you’ve ever found yourself, say, on the beach wishing your stomach didn’t feel like a balloon, these seven tips will help make sure that you never regret a moment in the sand in front of the beautiful, blue sea again.

woman on period with cramps

make your period less painful

Go through the motions

Besides watching what you eat there are certain exercises you can do to make your period a less detestable experience. Swimming is one option. The motion of swim will help stretch your abdomin muscles enough to help curb cramps and improve blood flow in the pelvic area. Yoga is another from of exercise that will give these results.

Choose the right product

Choosing the right products is more important than women tend to think. Instead of picking the prettiest box, consider your body type and daily activites before you decide which product is best for you. Leak protection is one thing every women should consider. If you don’t have to worry about leaks, you period week becomes as good as any other week. We did the math and Tampax Pearl LeakGaurd braid is the best match for messy leaks.

Bring on the heat

Don’t underestimate the power of a heating pad. When you’re lying on the couch, watching your favorite show and groaning about your cramps, a simple plug into the wall provide the relief you need to enjoy the OH-EM-GEE moment on Gossip Girl (don’t worry, we wont tell).


If there’s one week you shouldn’t veer off your diet, it’s the week your period pays a visit. By making a few simple diet choices you can cure your cramps, put and end to bloating and alleviate all the discomfort that comes with your cycle. If you want to go about your week as a free women, then avoid these tasks.

Salty snacking

Sodium seems to be more present than ever in our diets. All the processed foods in our supermarkets today contain high levels of sodium that can make it hard for a gal to keep the bloating to a minimum during her period. While you don’t have to avoid you’re favorite salty snacks, if you’re prone to bloating it’s probably smart to steer clear.

Saturated fat intake

Though us gals are underated for loving a good steak, red meat contains high levels of saturated fat which will increase the estrogen levels that bring on the symptoms of PMS. Therefore, feel free to indulge any week besides the one of your period.

Disgesting dairy

While calcium is great for alleviating the pains of menstruation, dairy is not so much a cure. Many dairy products, like red meat, contain higher levels of saturated fat and arachidonic acids which increase your body’s procution of prostaglandins. In english, you’ll be more prone to painful cramps if you indulge in dairy during your period. Seek calcium elsewhere.

Skimping on fiber comsuption

If you’re body isn’t getting enough fiber during and before your period, you run the risk of abmoral disgestion rates. Beans are a good source of the extra fiber you need but if your worried about them giving you extra gas, try taking vitamins that promote healthy digestion. Beano is one digestive enzymne that can work to your benefit.

Protesting green

You may not be one to recycle, but eating green veggies during your period is one green movement you shouldn’t avoid. They’re a great source of calcium and will reduce muscle spasms that lead to painful curl-up-in-a-ball cramps. If you go for the dark green vegetables like kale and spinach, you’ll prevent excess bleeding by giving your body a dose of vitamin K.

Giving up chocolate

That’s right, you should avoid giving up chocolate. As long as you choose a choclate bar with atleast sixty percent cacao, chocolate will help curb your cravings and boost your seratonin levels. Therefore, you’ll be more likely keep high spirits during your period. A peice a day keeps the mood swings away.


If you avoid drinking water during your period beacause you think it causes bloating, we’re about to bust your myth. Drinking water will actually decrease your chances of water retention which makes cramps all the more painful and causes bloating. So, keep the water flowing (no pun intented).

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