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5 Fun ways to add flair to your wedding day look

Your wedding day is all about you, and even if you want to keep things simple and classic, it’s fun to spice up your style with some subtle but noticeable flair. You only get married once, after all, so you want to make sure that what you wear really makes a statement. We’ve put together a few fun ways to kick your look up a notch just in time to say I do.

Bride and groom with funky shoes

1Statement NecklaceChoose colorful shoes

One of the simplest ways to add some unexpected flair to your wedding day attire is to pair your dress with a colorful pair of shoes. Nothing looks better than brightly-hued heels peeking out from under your dress, so we suggest opting for a shade that makes you smile. Every time you take a step, your colorful shoes will show, which will not only make you feel great, it will look fabulous in photos. If your favorite color just won’t work, think about choosing a hue that matches one of the blooms in your bouquet or one of the recurring hues in your overall wedding décor.

2Wear one unexpected item

Another great way to give your wedding dress a personal spin is to add something unexpected to your look. What you choose really depends on your personality – maybe you hate heels so you’ll be wearing your Converse kicks down the aisle, or if hats are a staple in your wardrobe, why not wear your favorite fedora? Your unexpected item is a way to add even more individuality to your wedding day look. It could be anything from a statement necklace to a brightly colored shrug to an armful of bold bangles – the point is to add something that really represents you and what you love.

3Carry an unconventional bouquet

More and more brides are opting for bouquets that have brighter pops of color and more texture than the traditional bunches of blooms, which is a fun way of putting your stamp on the day. Some things to think about include using what’s local and seasonal, opting for a bouquet made entirely of wildflowers (maybe even those that you picked yourself!) or carrying something down the aisle that incorporates lots of greenery, rather than going with the traditional all-flower look. Ferns, ornamental grasses and other leafy greens would all look great tied together with raffia, white ribbon or even twine.

4Feathered hair pieceFind an eye-catching hair piece

From headbands featuring feathers and lace to tiaras to royal family-inspired fascinators, you can easily give your look a whole new twist by adding an eye-catching hair piece. Once you have your dress you can start your search for something you love and then when it comes time to decide on a hair style, you can consult your stylist about how to best showcase your new accessory. With so many options to choose from, it won’t be hard to find something that matches your overall look be it vintage, classic or modern.

5Borrow something meaningful

We love the idea of borrowing something from someone that means a lot to you and wearing it on your wedding day. Maybe it’s your grandmother’s brooch or something your mom wore on her wedding day, or it could even be something given to you by your BFF. Incorporating something meaningful into what you wear on the big day is not only a great way to personalize, but it makes your look that much more special.

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