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Kim Kardashian wedding dress designer revealed!

Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress designer is finally revealed. Who’s the big winner? Read on!

Kim Kardashian wedding dress designer revealedIt’s the biggest secret since Kate Middleton’s royal wedding dress designer was revealed: Who is designing Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress?

Wonder no more! The name of the highly-popular designer was revealed Monday and it’s none other than…

Vera Wang!

“What a glorious moment!” Wang told E! News. “I am so thrilled to be dressing Kim for her wedding to Kris Humphries!”

Kardashian fans first suspected Wang might the one after the bride-to-be was spotted exiting a Wang showroom in June.

“Kim and I often spoke of creating a fantasy wedding gown,” the designer added. “I’m so excited! As a friend of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, I wish the engaged couple all the joy and happiness in the world!”

Kardashian also confirmed the news on her blog.

“I am so excited to reveal that Vera Wang is my wedding dress designer. Vera has been a close family friend for a long time and we had talked about this moment for years, so when it came to picking my wedding dress designer she was the first person I thought of. No one designs gowns the way she does!” she wrote.

BFF Brittny Gastineau revealed last week that she’s looked at a sketch of the gown.

“Kim is so beautiful, so anything will look great,” Gastineau said. “It’s gorgeous. Beyond [gorgeous]. She’s going to be amazing.”

Kardashian’s other BFF, publicist Jonathan Cheban added his two cents on the dress.

“I think we’re going for over the top,” Cheban said of her look “If they’re going to film [the wedding], the world is going to want to see something really exciting. It’s Kim. She’s not a movie star, she’s not a pop star, she’s a reality star that everyone’s obsessed with and everyone wants to see.”

We can’t wait to see what the dress looks like — after all, Kardashian and Humphries’ wedding is only a short time away. Kardashian’s dress will be one-of-a-kind — there’s no way she’s buying off the rack. However, that hasn’t stopped us from creating our own ideas on what her dress should look like.

Body hugging

This body-hugging dress from Vera Wang’s Fall 2011 bridal collection looks exactly like something Kimmy K would wear — gotta show off the curves, after all. We love, love, love the one-shoulder look!

Vera Wang Fall 2011

Perfect hourglass

This Vera Wang dress is the perfect mix of shape and flounce. Kardashian would look great in the body-hugging top and the flouncy bottom would give her that princess effect she’s going for.

Vera Wang wedding dress 2

A-line goddess

Granted, this dress isn’t something we’d typically expect to see on Kardashian, but we really love it. Scratch that, Kardashian can keep the tight dresses, we’ll save this one for our own wedding!

Vera Wang wedding dress

What king of wedding dress should Kim Kardashian wear on her wedding day?

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