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4 Frustrating man habits explained

If you’ve ever wished you could peek inside a man’s head to get a better idea of why they do the (often strange) things they do, you’re not alone. Women have always been baffled by weird man habits and it’s about time we try and explain some of them. We’ve put together a list of some of the most frustrating male behaviors we can think of and offered up some possible explanations for each.

Unhappy girlfriend watches boyfriend play video games

1Not calling

We put this one at the top of our list because it really is one of the most mind-boggling things about guys and something that has frustrated females since the beginning of time. OK, maybe not that long, but still worth making the top spot in our opinion. You’re out with a nice guy, he’s flirty, you’re flirty and you have great chemistry. He says he’s going to call, you wait – and then nothing. What happened? It happens all the time and it sucks. There are actually a few reasons he failed to pick up the phone:

  • He just wasn’t interested: As much as this one hurts, it is the most obvious explanation for a guy not calling even though he seemed interested and said he was going to call.
  • He’s actually taken: Some guys flirt just to see if they’ve still got it. They’re married (minus the ring) or in a serious relationship, but they get flirty when they go out with friends to test their pick-up skills.
  • He’s scared: Some guys are insecure and even if you two really hit it off, he’s feeling too timid to call and just assumes he’s not good enough for you.
  • He found someone else: If you met him on a Thursday and now it’s Sunday, he could have taken three other numbers since meeting you and just picked the one that wasn’t yours to call.

2Never being on time

How many times have you been waiting for a guy to pick you up or meet you at a bar or restaurant only to be left there for 30 minutes (or more) while he takes his sweet time? It happens all the time – guys are chronically late. The main problem is they can’t seem to build in time to get ready.

What should happen: If you’re meeting someone at 7 and it takes you 30 minutes to get ready and 30 minutes to get to the location, logic says you should leave at 6.

What does happen: Men can only keep the number 7 in their head, as in they know 7 means something and that’s all they retain. There is no calculating what time to leave because they leave at 7 – when they’re actually supposed to be meeting you. We didn’t say it was going to make sense, it’s just how a man’s mind works.

3Video game addiction

Grown men can spend hours staring at a screen, holding a controller, and blowing things up or steering virtual race cars. Sure women like video games, too, but often we don’t spend days on end trying to get past certain levels or beat our friends’ high scores. We can tear ourselves away, whereas most men cannot. The problem is twofold. One: Video games give them something to do that doesn’t require moving or being productive in any way, shape or form. The game is the activity. Women would feel bad about sitting around all day, but to a guy, playing video games isn’t doing “nothing.” Second: Men are often fiercely competitive and if they start a game, they want to finish to the point of doing nothing else all day until they do.

4Empty fridge syndrome

If you drop by a guy’s house unannounced and open his fridge, you will find condiments, a few slices of last week’s pizza, beer and possibly a few pieces of what used to be fruit (but are now too mold-covered to really tell). If they live alone, a man’s fridge will often be bare. Do they not eat? Sure they do, but just not like us. Women like to stock up on things they know they’ll be eating through the week, whereas a guy will only buy food when he’s hungry. Take a look at a male shopper the next time you’re in a grocery store. Chances are he has maybe half a dozen items in his basket – items he needs to make a meal that night. It’s not ideal if you’re dating him (we suggest bringing your own snacks), but it’s just the way he works.

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