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Top 6 instant turn-offs

Women are supposed to be much less superficial than men, and we often are, but as much as we like to give a guy the benefit of the doubt, there are a few things we have trouble looking past. If we end up on a date with someone who has any of the ick-factor issues we’ve listed, we may just turn around and never look back. Check out our picks for six serious turn-offs and then let us know if we missed any other red flag offenders.

Man who loves his dog

1Bad breath

We’re sorry, but if a guy has awful breath, we may not be able to move past that whiff of garlic we got as he leaned in for a hello hug. We don’t mean to be superficial – we’re sure he’s a very nice guy, but even if we wanted to kiss him, we won’t be able to now. Whether he forgot to brush his teeth (gross) or just can’t help the chemical reaction that happens in his mouth, bad breath is an instant turn-off. Dear Mr. Halitosis: Stock up on breath mints, don’t chow down on something so pungent the day of a date and for the love of god, brush your teeth.

2Glamour shots – of your dog

Meeting a guy who has a pet is fine (unless of course you’re allergic), but we’re not sure we can handle a dude who treats his dog like a baby, complete with scrapbooks and year-by-year photo albums. One woman we talked to, a 31-year-old PR professional, said she once dated a guy whose walls were covered in photos of him and his dog – a terrier named Chloe. You can understand her worry that she’d never be able to come between this man and his furry friend. Needless to say they parted ways soon after. An animal-loving man is great, but there is such a thing as going too far. If it’s the first time bringing us back to your place, do NOT spend more time doting on your dog than you do talking to us.

3Greasy hair

Like bad breath, this is another seemingly superficial turn-off but one that we have trouble getting past. It doesn’t take that long to shower – we got cleaned up for the date, why can’t he? Whether he’s chatting you up at a bar or you’re sitting across from him on a first date, if the man in question has hair that looks like it has not been touched by soap and water for some time, you best flee the scene. If he can’t keep his hair clean, we don’t want to even think about the rest of him!

4Mean streak

It’s unfortunate but even the hottest guys can be rendered totally un-dateable if they’re mean. Hearing someone make derogatory or ignorant comments is an instant turn-off. We don’t need a guy to be sweet as apple pie, but if he gets off on disrespecting others and being a jerk just for the sake of it, we just can’t be bothered wasting time on him.

5Zero sense of humor

A sense of humor is sexy, and while the guy we’re with doesn’t have to keep us in stitches all night, if he can’t even crack a smile, or just looks grumpy the whole time we’re with him, what’s the point of hanging out? Being able to laugh together is one of the easiest ways to make a connection with someone and if he’s unable or unwilling to let loose, we’re sorry, but he’s going to have to go.

6Dirty apartment

We’re not looking to eat off the floor or pick up any tips on the best window cleaner to use, but if his apartment looks like a biohazard, we’re out. We know men can be messy – we’ve all dated guys we can affectionately refer to as slobs, but messy and totally gross are two different things. Piles of clothes we can deal with, but a sink full of crusty dishes from three weeks ago? No thanks. We don’t want to feel the need to wear a hazmat suit upon entering anyone’s apartment, least of all the guy we’re dating.

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