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Love and gadgets: Tech etiquette for couples

Technology is part of life. We all use laptops and smartphones as if they were attached to our bodies, but how is this addiction to technology affecting our love lives? Well, according to TiVo’s recent Turn on the Love survey, television and technology can actually be used to improve relationships – with some ground rules, of course. We’re here to share some tips on finding a balance between tech time and love time.

Couple on computer and smartphone in bed

The results

TiVo’s Turn on the Love survey found that 86 percent of TiVo users spend at least one hour a night plus weekends with their significant other, as opposed to just 75 percent of non-TiVo users. Among its findings, the survey also revealed a few other interesting stats about couples who are bonding over the small screen.

Improved romance: 73 percent of respondents indicated that since bringing home a TiVo, romance has improved in their home. Five percent even reported it has improved their sex life.

More lip-locking time: 54 percent of those surveyed will pause a dramatic show to smooch, and 33 percent will even pause their favorite team’s games to lock lips.

Date night in: Going out for dinner still ranks first as the most romantic activity among couples, but for 71 percent of TiVo users (versus 60 percent of non-TiVo users), a night in to watch TV or a movie is a close second.

Less arguing: TiVo is also helping to put an end to one of the most common couple’s arguments – who gets control of the remote. According to the survey, TiVo users fight less over the remote on a monthly basis (Nine percent vs. eleven percent of non-TiVo users).

Tech etiquette tips

Technology is here to stay and unplugging entirely just isn’t an option for most of us (don’t even think about taking away our iPhones and Blackberries), so what’s a gadget-toting couple to do? We have some strategies for making sure technology doesn’t take over your relationship.


Have a tech cut-off time

Although it may be tempting to stare at a screen even while your honey is trying to talk to you, we say put that smartphone down. Give yourselves a cut-off time for technology where you both put your gadgets away (we know it’s hard, but trust us on this) so you can really connect without distraction.

2Use technology for good

Like the above survey suggests, technology can have a positive impact on love. Other than snuggling up together to watch your favorite show, you can also use your gadgets to stay in touch. Forgot to wish your man good luck on his big presentation? Send him a cute text. Feel bad about last night’s argument? Write an email to your guy making sure he’s OK with everything that went down.

3Use good gadget judgment

You should be able to tell if your guy is just droning on about his day, or if he’s more stressed than usual and needs you to listen without sending texts at the same time. So before you pick up your phone or decide to check email quickly while your guy is talking, gauge the situation first. If he really needs your advice, drop what you’re doing and listen. And the same goes for him – make sure you’ve got his attention when you really need it.

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