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Summer brides: 7 Ways to keep your cool

Mother Nature can destroy a dream wedding with just a pinch of heat or humidity. So what’s a summer bride to do when she’s literally in the hot seat? Debbie Whipple, Top This Wedding boutique owner and event planner, offers seven simple solutions to help summertime’s blushing brides keep their cool.

Bride kissing grom with red shoes7 Summer wedding
survival tips

Ditch the droop

Summer heat can wilt more than a beautiful bride. It often wreaks havoc on expensive fresh flower arrangements. As an alternative, try a vintage brooche or whimsical paper flowers. An added bonus — you’ll treasure your bouquets long after the last guest departs.

Short and sweet

Soaring temperatures are the perfect excuse for brides to chop everything from hemlines to hairdos. Try a short, flirty frock over a staid, full-length gown. Then top it off with a stunningly simple birdcage veil.

Soften traditional colors

What happens when a traditional wedding dream (including formal colors) collides with the reality of a casual summer affair? Try softening severe tones with lighter shades, textures and patterns. While black and red are conventionally striking; pinks, grays and whimsical patterns allow guests to relax and savor a summer experience.

Casually cool

Your man deserves to enjoy his wedding day too. Treat his feet to cool kicks that reflect the season and his personality. His unconventional choice can become an endearing memory and keep him with you on the dance floor all night long.

Unconventional wedding photo booth with propsPhotography frivolity

Photo booths have been an engaging trend for several years. Try turning it up a notch with unusual props and inexpensively fanciful favors. Guests create charming photos at the event and take home amusing souvenirs.

DIY style

Decades ago, bridesmaids pitched in to make their own dresses. Revive the tradition. Buy your favorite fabric and have bridesmaids (or a seamstress) sew a stylishly individualized creation. The result… stunningly affordable fashion that complements any bridal look.

Old school flavor

Old school sodas add thirst-quenching charm to backyard receptions and summer soirees. Whipple suggests, “Surprise your groom with his favorite childhood bottled beverage. Not only refreshing, these unexpected drinks will keep guests talking for weeks.”

For more tips on stylishly surviving the most important day of your life, visit Top This Wedding.

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