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Newest trends in wedding invitations

Swoon-worthy style

Couples today don’t just want a piece of cardstock with the date, time and directions – they want personality and Zaroff says that’s just what people are getting. The latest invite styles are eye-catching, unique, personalized and polished. She takes us through some of the biggest ones to watch.

wedding Invitations

Vintage circus

Probably our favorite theme on this list, vintage circus-inspired invites are whimsical, fun and really make a style statement. Bold fonts and antique circus caricatures illustrate this style. Plus how much fun would it be to incorporate elephants into your invites?


Always signifying grace and sophistication, chandeliers are becoming a stylish symbol this year. This versatile and chic image can be used to convey a variety of themes including eclectic, elegant, trendy and whimsical.


Everything old is new again and although they date back to the 18th century, silhouettes have been making a comeback. It’s hard not to love this form of portraiture that creates a more personalized invitation style, while maintaining grace and sophistication.

Flat printing

Engraving methods are stepping aside in favor of flat printing, which is much more conducive to elaborate graphic designs. It’s also much less expensive making it a popular choice among many couples.


Steadily gaining in popularity, personal branding is a must for more and more couples getting ready for the big day. Brides are branding their special day through the use of monograms and carrying out the monogram theme in many other elements of the wedding, from postage to place cards to wedding favors.

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