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Where to meet a great guy this summer

If you still haven’t met your sexy summer fling, there’s still time! We’ve come up with some no-fail spots sure to be filled with potential hot weather hook ups. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start strutting your stuff. Your fabulous summer fling awaits you!

Couple having drinks on patio

1At the beach

What better spot to meet a hot, summer hookup than at the beach? Sun, sand and cute shirtless guys as far as the eye can see – the perfect combination for finding your next summer fling. Join a game of beach volleyball, ask if you can set up your sunning spot next to a group of well-muscled men or ask the gorgeous guy down the beach if he wouldn’t mind applying sunscreen to your hard-to-reach areas.

2Playing sports

Co-ed sports leagues abound, especially in the summer and usually they’re more about having fun than actually being good at a sport. Enlist one of your BFFs to join with you and see what eye candy awaits. Frisbee, touch football, baseball – no matter what sport you choose, there are bound to be single guys on the team whom you’re about to get up close and sweaty with. Get everyone out for post-game beers and see where the night takes you.

3On a patio

Patio season is prime boy-watching time, so gather a group of your best gal pals, score a spot where you can scope out the possibilities (sports bars with patios are a great choice) and see if you can catch the eye of someone summer fling-worthy. The ideal strategy is hit one or two patios for a few weekends in a row and strike up a conversation with someone cute you’ve seen there more than once. That way it will seem like you’re both regulars. Offer to buy him a beer or ask if you and your girls can squeeze in at his table.

4At an open mic night

If musicians or music-loving guys are what you love, think about spending a few weekend nights at a bar that hosts an open mic night. Usually acoustic in nature and quieter than trying to strike up a conversation at a concert, the intimate atmosphere is perfect for scouting out possible hot weather hook ups. Ask that cute guy sitting alone if you can share his table and ask about his favorite bands in between songs. Guys love to talk about their musical tastes so getting to know the one you meet at an open mic night shouldn’t be too hard.

5Independent book store

Bookish guys can be pretty sexy in that unconventional, hipster-geek kind of way, and if you’re wondering where to find one, head to your local indie book store, complete with mismatched, vintage furniture, soy lattes and vegan treats. Browse the non-fiction section and scope out the scene for brooding but well-read hotties. When you find what you’re looking for, ask him about what he’s reading and see if he wants to discuss his latest must-reads with you over coffee.

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