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3 Alcoholic tea recipes for summer

Ever had an alcoholic drink with tea? If not, you’re missing out. Get inspired with these three alcoholic tea recipes for summer.

Ice tea

The next time you throw a party, surprise your friends with tea-based alcoholic beverages. This quickly-growing fad is a winner because the mild flavor of tea mixes well with most alcohols, and lends itself well to other flavors you may want to add in.

Create your own drinks

Design your own alcoholic tea recipes. Start off with your favorite tea, and add a splash of an alcoholic drink you like. Beginners may want to start to start with rum, since it has a light flavor without a strong taste of alcohol. Vodka also mixes well with nearly any drink, so it’s easy to add a splash of that to any tea for a tasty drink with a twist.

Alcoholic apple tea >>

Once you’ve found a combination of tea and alcohol that fits your tastes, try adding in other flavors to spice things up. Add one or two of your favorite juices to put a fruity spin on your drink. Stick with juices that go well together, like two different berries or apple and cranberry.

It might be a good idea to start your drink out with a flavored tea. This gives your beverage a little bit of pop, without you needing to add much else.

Spiked cranberry tea >>

You can also add flavored alcohols. Flavored vodkas and rums add a lot of taste without you needing to do much mixing.

Serving your drinks

There’s nothing boring about alcohol-infused tea drinks, so don’t be boring when you serve them. Pour your drinks in fun glasses, add bright stirrers and serve them with colorful garnishes.

Add a tray of fruits for your guests to add to their drink, such as lemon wedges, orange slices, cherries and more. Not only do these garnishes add color to a drink, they also add even more flavor.

Alcoholic sweet tea >>

Don’t forget to provide plenty of ice. These iced tea drinks car be very refreshing, but only when served very cold. Once they get warm, alcohol-infused tea drinks tend to be flat and boring, so serve them with a lot of ice and keep more on hand for your guests to add.

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