5 Tips to heat up your relationship

Has your relationship hit a lull? Although it might sound odd, summer is the perfect time to rekindle intimacy and connection. The season’s lazy days, warmer temperatures and overall relaxed feel provide ample opportunities to strengthen your bond. Follow these tips to create a partnership that will last for many summers to come.

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1Summer dreaming

When was the last time you asked your spouse about his dreams for your future? Surprise him with a nice dinner out and focus completely on him. He’ll love the attention, and besides, sharing his dreams will strengthen your connection.

2Make “lazy days” time for self-reflection

Time on the dock, on the porch or in the yard can all be used for moments of self-reflection. Ask yourself this question, “What can I do to make my life happier and my relationship healthier today?” Thinking about it and then taking one immediate action moves you that much closer to overall happiness.

3Take couples vacations to improve connection

Research on romance suggests that tackling new and challenging tasks together can create romantic connections fast. This summer, take time as a couple to try something new that you’ve always wanted to do together.

Try staying at a bed and breakfast close to your home or in a dream destination. Bed and breakfasts offer more intimate settings than large resorts and are less likely to have large families or noisy neighbors — both important to maintaining the relaxed vibe. The Carmel Country Inn in Carmel, California is a cozy option or try this helpful website to find inns in every state.

Can’t get away for more than a few hours? Take the kids to a sitter and try some fun summer date ideas like exploring a museum, trying a new sport, hitting the beach or going to a karaoke bar. The activity isn’t as important as the time spent just the two of you.

4Laugh together

Visit the amusement park and pretend you’re teens again, catch a comedy act or flirt by the pool. It’s just easier to let go and have fun when it’s warm out than when you are in a parka!

5Read to find a new path

Summer reading lists aren’t just for kids. If your relationship is struggling, indulge in some books that might just change your life. There are great ones about managing anger, getting past co-dependency and what makes a good marriage, just to name a few.

Our suggestions for a better marriage

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