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Avoid a mid-trip meltdown

Summer is prime time for travel and if you and your man have booked a trip together, there are a few things to keep in mind before you start packing. If you want your vacation to run smoothly and memories to be about the cool things you saw – not the epic fights you had – check out our top four tips for avoiding an argument on your next couple’s getaway.

Frustrated couple on vacation

1Steer clear of sex-pectations

We all know the assumption – that going away with your man means you’ll be skipping the sightseeing in favor of a weeklong sex-fest. But does that represent reality? Not for everyone. For every couple who doesn’t leave their hotel room, there’s a twosome who feels too much pressure to perform or who’d simply rather make the most of their travel experience. That’s not to say the couple checking out the tourist attractions isn’t getting frisky, too – they just might not be doing it at such an enthusiastic pace. So what’s the problem? The expectation of stellar (and frequent) vacay sex is one that can trip up even the most well-adjusted couple.

Quick fix: Before you go, remember that there’s more to a couple’s getaway than sex, and that you don’t have to turn your trip into a sex marathon in order for it to be worthwhile. If you just relax into the experience and focus on having fun, the rest will fall into place.

2Avoid over-exposure

Another common assumption about traveling as a couple is that if you go away together, you should be spending every waking second together. This can be problematic for a number of reasons, least of all being you could end up getting sick of each other and bickering about insignificant things. Even if you live together, traveling with someone means spending a lot more time with that person than you may be used to. You wake up together, spend the whole day together (as opposed to both of you going to work), eat together and then do it all over again the next day. Sure, the trip is supposed to be an opportunity to reconnect, but you don’t want get to a point where you feel frustrated with one another.

Quick fix: Avoid over-exposure by doing some separate activities. Take a yoga class while your man sleeps in or read a book on the beach while he goes for a jog or does some sightseeing. That way you’ll be much more apt to enjoy your time together even more.

3Just roll with it

Things will inevitably go wrong on your trip – it could rain the whole time, your luggage could get lost, you may not be thrilled with your hotel – but no matter what happens you can’t let potential problems derail your trip. It’s so easy to focus on the negative, annoying things that happen but doing so will just suck all the fun out of your trip. The only option is to make the best of whatever the vacation gods happen to throw at you, or you’ll both be miserable.

Quick fix: Promise yourself that no matter what happens you’re going to go with the flow and have a great time despite setbacks. The key is to find humor in everything – both good and bad – so your getaway isn’t a bust. Lost luggage? Laugh about it (and go shopping!) Bad weather? No problem! Invest in a couple kitschy umbrellas and brave the downpour. The point is to avoid letting the setbacks drag you down.

4Practice the art of negotiation

Despite what you might think before you go, the two of you aren’t always going to want to do the same things while you’re away. Maybe you prefer a more laid-back schedule with lots of time for relaxing by the pool, while he prefers to pack as much into the day as possible. If your vacation styles differ, you’re going to have to compromise, otherwise one of you will end up resenting the other.

Quick fix: Make sure there’s time for both of you to get what you want. For every day you spend traipsing after him at breakneck speed taking in museums or other sights, he has to chill out on the beach with you doing nothing more than swimming, drinking rum punch and reading. That way, everybody’s happy!

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