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6 Worst sexual faux pas

Sex is more than just what happens between the sheets, and the whole experience can be ruined by poor etiquette. Just like a cute guy can end up seeming not so cute if he’s rude, selfish or mean, a perfectly good sexy time session can go off the rails by a guy with bad bedroom manners. We came up with a list of what we feel are some of the worst sexual faux pas.

Woman with awkward sex partner

1Hightailing it immediately after

We don’t expect a marriage proposal immediately after the deed is done, but the guy who flees the scene following sex will not be invited back into our bed. Even if you didn’t discuss whether there would be a sleepover involved, making a mad dash isn’t cool. One 20-something bartender we talked to (who understandably wants to remain nameless) told us she had a guy run out on her after sex while she was in the bathroom. She came back into the room to find he had snuck out without even saying goodbye. We imagine she will not be contacting him any time soon – and nor should she.

2Rolling over and passing out

While not nearly as bad as the dude who runs away after sex, the guy that falls asleep instantaneously is still not making us feel great about what just happened. We don’t expect to talk all night, telling each other our hopes and dreams, but staying awake long enough to say goodnight really shouldn’t be that much of a chore. While not necessarily a deal breaker, we’d still rather the person we’ve just gotten frisky with not be snoring immediately afterwards.

3Having dirty sheets

Even if he didn’t expect to bring someone back to his place, the fact that he has dirty sheets (and by dirty we mean sheets that have clearly not seen a rinse cycle for some time), can be a definite turn off as soon as you realize your bare skin is going to have to touch them. Eww. He doesn’t have to be a neat freak, but having a subpar sleeping space is just plain gross, and not something that’s going to get him a lot of repeat customers.

4Not having protection

Maybe he ran out or maybe he forgot to restock, but whatever the reason, his lack of foresight means he’s putting both of you in an awkward position. Running out to the store to get what you need kills the mood, but there’s no other choice unless you want to just put everything on pause and hope that he’s better prepared next time.

5Not wanting to use protection

Probably one of the biggest sexual faux pas we can think of, not taking protection seriously is a definite deal breaker. If he’s giving you every excuse in the book about why he doesn’t think it’s necessary, he’s not worth sleeping with. It’s your health and well-being he’s disrespecting if he’s arguing against protection, which we feel is very poor sex etiquette. So unless he smartens up and sees the light, your best bet is to hit the road.

6Getting kinky without asking

Things happen in the heat of the moment – we get that – but sex is tricky because what one person takes pleasure from the next person feels squeamish about. So if he starts doing some sort of sexual improv act without clearing some of the scenes with you first, he’s displaying some bad bedroom manners. You may like the idea of what he wants to try, but it really is important for him to run it by you first. It’s the gentlemanly thing to do.

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