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7 Wedding day beauty products we love

On your wedding day, you will probably be photographed more than you ever will again in your entire life. Get a flawless look with these fabulous products recommended by top wedding makeup artists.

1Waterproof mascara

Even if you think you won’t cry, waterproof mascara is a must on your wedding day. You never know when the waterworks might hit. MAC Splashproof Lash is a perfect choice because it lengthens and thickens without making you look like you are wearing caterpillars on your eyelids. Use an eyelash curler first to add length to your natural lashes, then apply a single coat for ultra-glamorous, catwalk-length lashes.

Waterproof mascara

2Lip plumping lip gloss

Don’t go getting Botox injections in your lips just because you’re getting married. Now you can maximize your smile with LipFusion Lip Plump. This revolutionary technology is instantly absorbed into the lips, creating fuller, sexier lips in seconds. Apply over your favorite lip pencil or lipstick and plump up the jam.

Lip plumping lip gloss

3Eye shadow primer

If you’re looking for a way to create beautiful smoky eyes that will last all day long, this legendary Eyeshadow Primer Potion by Urban Decay is your new best friend. Begin with a thin layer of primer over your entire eyelid before you apply your eyeshadow. The results will amaze you: richer color without creasing — and you’ll keep that flawless look until the last guest leaves the dance floor.

Eyeshadow Primer Potion by Urban Decay

4Eyebrow pencil
& brush

Seamlessly blend color to enhance the natural beauty of your brow. The Anastasia Brow Wiz is a super-fine pencil and brush combo that creates realistic lines and a stunningly polished look.

Eyebrow pencil and brush

5Tooth polish & whitener

Smooth a dab of Quikee Tooth Polish and Whitener on your teeth for that freshly brushed brilliance all day long. It gives you fresh breath and takes away stains so you don’t have to be afraid of enjoying iced tea or red wine before the photo shoot.

Tooth polish and whitener

6Cold sore relief & concealer

A cold sore on your wedding day could be a calamity unless you have Orajel Cold Sore Relief and Concealer on hand. Combining maximum-strength pain relief with a specially formulated, green-tinted concealer, it cancels out redness and pain in one fell swoop.

Cold sore relief and concealer

7Blotting papers

Don’t lose your cool on the dance floor. Use Sephora Matte Blotting Papers to blot your face, absorb oil and minimize shine. You also can freshen up with a quick swipe under your arms before you head back onto the dance floor to show off all your swaggalicious moves.

Blotting papers

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