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5 Divorce myths to dismantle

Lee Block

Divorce is full of myths that need to be dispelled — it’s these myths that give divorcees a stigma that seems to stick around. It is important to understand that being divorced just means you are no longer married and the myths propagated by society need to be put to rest.

Divorced woman thinking

5 Nasty myths about divorce


Divorce is the easy way out

Divorce is NEVER the easy way out. In fact, it takes more courage to leave a bad or abusive marriage than it does to stay in a situation that is miserable. I am not encouraging divorce, but if you are not happy in your marriage and decide to go out on your own, believe me, it will be the most difficult path you can take.

2Divorce is a dirty word

Considering that 50% of couples that marry end up in divorce, you would think by now that our society would be more forgiving and accepting of divorce. Divorce is not a dirty word or a disease. It is a place that you are in after you have been married and decide that marriage was not working for you anymore.

3One person is always to blame in divorce

That is not always true. Sometimes, it just doesn’t work out. You married young and decided you wanted different things or you grew apart. There are so many reasons for divorce and because it takes two to make a marriage work, it usually takes two to make a divorce happen.

4After divorce everyone gets along better

If you are the most grounded person in the world, then this could be true. But, most of us are not. Just because you are no longer married does not mean the fighting stops. It is just a different type of fighting — the key is that since you are no longer married, you no longer have to engage in those fights.

5The kids will be better off

The kids are never better off living in a single parent household, being sent back and forth from one home to the other (unless there was abuse going on). Chances are, your children will need therapy and will have several rough patches regarding this new situation over several different periods in their lives. Be prepared to talk to them, love them and let them know it is not their fault.

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