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5 Phrases that will turn him on

Forget overwrought seduction scenarios. Sometimes the only thing that you need to turn a guy on is your voice. Here are a few simple phrases you can utter to catch his attention and ensure a steamy evening ahead.

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1“Let’s stay in tonight.”

Social obligations can be a blast — but they can also be a total buzzkill. If you have an event coming up that neither of you is looking forward to, suggest the unexpected: that you both bail on the plans. It might not win you any brownie points with your friends, but the feeling of doing something “naughty” by playing hooky can increase feelings of togetherness. Hunker down under a blanket with your partner in crime and pretend you’re Bonnie and Clyde.

2“You look great today.”

You don’t have to go over the top by, say, comparing his abs to Ryan Reynolds‘s, but a simple compliment works wonders when it comes to male preening. If he feels more attractive, he’ll be more likely to feel confident — meaning scooping you up and carrying you to the boudoir is totally in the cards.

3“I’ve noticed how hard you’re working/making time to take care of the kids, and I’m really proud/thankful.”

A little ego stroke goes a long way with guys. Sometimes our dudes silently toil away at work or home to provide, and it’s nice for them to hear every now and again how much you appreciate everything they do for you — and/or your family. If they feel needed, they’ll feel manly, and manly feelings lead to hot nights.

4“Let’s have sex. Now.”

Sometimes men are simple. If you want to get it on, let him know. It’s as easy as that. Optional: Taking articles of clothing off while you say this, guaranteeing that he’ll go into overdrive.

5“I brought you some bacon.”

Okay, it doesn’t have to be bacon (although dudes do love bacon), but if you pick up his favorite (and possibly hard-to-find) food on your way home, you might just win his heart through his stomach. Barbecue from the best place in town is a good bet — just make it something that he loves. Prepare for a quick transfer of affection from the meat to you.

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