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Maximize the romance on your summer getaway

Ah summer! The season of romantic getaways and loved-up road trips. Whether you’re jetting off to Europe, spending a long weekend by the beach or planning an urban escape in New York or Chicago, we’ve got some great advice for making the most of your time together and maximizing the romance on your summer trip for two. Here we look at some simple ways to make sure your romantic vacation is actually romantic.

Romantic couple on vacation

1Create a loose itinerary

There can be a lot of romance in just seeing where the day takes you, but not having any plans for your time away can lead to arguments. You don’t have to be strict about everything you plan on seeing and doing, but creating an itinerary before you go can help make the trip run more smoothly.

  • Each of you should create a list of what you feel are must-dos or must-sees.
  • Compare lists, figure out what you think you’ll have time for and amalgamate the lists making sure that each of your picks gets equal play.
  • Use your master must-see and do list as a rough guide to ensure you’re both happy and no one feels cheated.

If this really is going to be a romantic vacation, arguing every morning about what you’re going to do will really put a damper on your getaway.

2Avoid expectations

Just because this is being billed as a romantic vacation doesn’t mean you should put pressure on yourselves to suddenly become the two most romantic people that ever lived.

The point of the vacation is to spend quality time together (without having to think about work), get out of your routine and enjoy each other’s company sans distractions. But putting too much pressure on the trip to be ultra-amazingly romantic might just set you up for disappointment. Things go wrong — luggage gets lost, weather doesn’t cooperate and arguments do happen, but instead of allowing something negative to ruin your trip, just go with the flow and realize that a vacation doesn’t have to be “perfect” for it to be fun. Your only job is to make the best of the time you have — no matter what happens.

3No phones or laptops

Digital distractions can really put a damper on the romance. You can bring your phone but try to avoid bringing your laptop or iPad. A romantic summer getaway does not include checking work email every three hours or checking Facebook to see what people are doing back at home.

Unplug as much as possible to make sure you have a smooth, relaxing weekend. If you don’t, you’ll never feel like you’re really away or outside of your regular routine. Use this as an opportunity to reconnect with each other without one (or both of you) staring a screen. You’ll be surprised at how much more engaged you’ll be without having a Blackberry, eReader or iPad in the way.

4Just have fun

This one might seem obvious, but sometimes its beneficial to be reminded that the only thing you need to think about on your sexy summer getaway is having fun (and maybe not getting sunburnt!).

So when all is said and done, and you’ve reached your destination, unpacked (or at least tossed your bags on the bed) and finally feel like your vacation can begin, nothing else matters except the two of you. Work is back home, the sink full of dishes is nowhere to be seen and any other worries you have should not enter your mind until you’re back standing in front of that overflowing sink.

This is your time to put your relationship first and just have fun spending time together doing something other than discussing bills, chores or any other decidedly UN-romantic things.

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