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How to shred calories all summer long

Spring seems to be the big push for slimming down for beach parties and poolside fun, but once summer arrives, the heat, countless cookouts and cross-country vacays can start getting in the way of workouts and cause the pounds to creep on. We talked to Jennifer Cohen, Muscle Milk Light trainer, for ways women can shred extra calories this summer to keep their svelte physique. We also talked with celebrity trainer Andrea Orbeck, the trainer credited for helping Heidi Klum get her pre-pregnancy body back, about the diet and fitness plans she designs for her celeb clients.

Woman jumping rope on beach

1Keep your beach body at the beach

Instead of only lazing on the sand flipping through magazines and working on your tan, pull out a jump rope and fit fitness into your beach time. “Jumping rope on the beach for 15 minutes burns approximately 170 calories,” says Cohen. Fifteen minutes is nothing when you’ve got a whole day planned on the sand.

To get the best jumprope workout, Cohen suggests:

  • Alternating the tempo (go as fast as you can for 30 seconds, then back to regular pace for 2 to 3 minutes, then repeat).
  • Jumping on one foot or skipping while jumping rope.
  • Adding multiple spins of the rope between jumps (jump higher and try to get two spins in).

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2Hit the park – before the cookout

When your family and friends are gathering for a cookout at the park, go early and exercise. Cohen says, “There are tons of exercises you can do in the park, including push-ups, planks, jogging and chin-ups on the monkey bars.” The Muscle Milk trainer’s personal favorite is doing steps or explosive jumps using park benches. “A few minutes of these high steps and you’ll definitely feel your legs burn! Plus you burn an extra 130 calories for every 10 minutes!” she adds.

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3Stay active at the airport

If you have extended layovers during your summer travels, take advantage of the fitness centers available in the bigger airports. You can find them at No gym? No worries. “In the airport while you are waiting for your flights, take the stairs and get rid of your shy factor and do walking lunges, squats and push-ups against the wall or a chair,” Cohen encourages. “Personally, I like to stretch in airports. A good 10-minute stretch may only burn 30 to 50 calories but it will make you feel refreshed as well as keep you limber and less prone to cramping from extended periods of inactivity.”

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4Get toned at the grocery store

While you’re shopping for the day’s cold beverage and poolside snacks, use your in-line time wisely. Cohen suggests standing on one leg, then changing legs to work your core and improve your balance, or stand on your tip-toes to shape your calves. “Do that for five minutes and burn another 30 calories by grabbing that water bottle or milk carton and do some curls,” the fitness expert says. “My No. 1 grocery store trick is to go more often and use the carry basket instead of the push cart. That way I am using my body, carrying some weight, toning my arms, using my core and getting a little workout.” Depending on how full your basket is, 20 minutes can mean an extra 150 to 200 calories burnt!

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