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6 Unforgettable summer date ideas

Summer time = sexy time. No season is sexier than the one happening right now. Days are long and nights are hot, which means it’s perfect for maximizing time with your partner. Rather than sticking to the same old summer dates, we suggest trying something new. Stumped for fabulous date ideas? We’ve got you covered. Check out our guide to six unforgettable, out-of-the-box ideas for serious summer fun.

Summer date ideas

“Use longer days to be more active together,” advises marriage consultant, Melissa Orlov. “Whether it’s heading to the community pool with the kids, or walking/talking (and holding hands!) after dinner, long summer evenings are the perfect time to connect in an active and fun way that reinforces your good feelings about your relationship.”

1Hit an amusement park

Water park

Rollercoaster ride, anyone? Why not spend an adrenaline-filled afternoon experiencing the rush of top speeds, hanging upside down and being tossed in a million different directions – all of which provide ample opportunity for squeezing in close and throwing your arms around your guy when things get a little too wild (on the rides we mean). You can use this quick guide to search theme parks by state to find one closest to you. All that’s required is some sunscreen and a need for speed!

2Get wet on a water slide

Feel like a kid again as you careen down a giant slide that also happens to be covered in water – fast-moving water. You get to have fun, show some skin (and get a load of his chiseled abs) while splashing around in wave pools, floating down lazy rivers and staying cool this summer. There’s no better way to spend a super-hot afternoon with your man! Find a water park near you by searching

3Head to a state fair

The atmosphere at a state fair is perfect for a date – it’s almost like time stops when you step into one and things are exactly as they would have been 10, 20 or even 50 years ago, which we think is pretty romantic. Find a fair near you and spend the day soaking up the kitschy fun. Between people watching, laughing as you go on cheesy rides and stuffing yourselves with cotton candy and caramel corn, the state fair date trumps most others just based on the sheer amount of activities all in one place.

4Get your groove on at a festival

Get your groove on at a festival

You may have missed Coachella and Bonnaroo but there are still plenty of opportunities to rock out with your guy this summer. Picture this: Your fave song of the moment comes on, he lifts you up onto his well-defined shoulders and you groove to the beat together. What could be more romantic? Music brings people together – quite literally in the case of an outdoor festival and the energy from all those music fans can make for an unforgettable experience. Check out this comprehensive guide to music festivals around the world to find your next must-see show.

5Plan a patio crawl

Having dinner or drinks on a patio is a standard summer date. Don’t get us wrong, eating and drinking outdoors is one of our favorite things about hot weather, but why stick to one place? Pick a neighborhood, map out three or four bars you’ve been meaning to try and get moving. Have an appetizer at the first place, main course at the second, dessert at the third and after-dinner drinks at the fourth. The changes in scenery will keep things interesting and you’ll get to try a variety of new places that you might not have normally checked out. Plus you’ll ideally be spending the whole night chilling out on patios – the perfect way to spend a summer night.

6Take a mystery road trip

Choose a weekend and a direction, but nothing more. Pack enough for a weekend away, make sure you have a map (and maybe a GPS) and hit the road with only your sense of adventure. The idea is to drive until you come across a town or city that pulls you in and makes you want to stay. If you have more than a few days, make even more stops to check out local cafes, antique shops, flea markets and roadside stands that catch your attention. You may not know where you’re going but that’s the whole point. Trips like these where you stumble upon the best and most memorable locations are the ones that will be remembered for years. Plus the sense of mystery is pretty sexy, we say!

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