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Think yourself thin: 5 Ways to use your brain to change your body

Can you think yourself thin? More and more studies — and people who have done it — say it’s possible. There are a variety of visualization strategies that you can use. From seeing yourself eating healthier to foreseeing a new number on the scale, the power to shed pounds has a lot to do with your mind. They say that if you envision something, you make it a reality. So why not conjure up a glimpse of yourself a few pounds lighter and use it to lose them?

Woman meditating for weight loss

1Meditate to lose

Just by envisioning the image of yourself slimmer and healthier can motivate you to continue a healthy eating and exercise plan and drop pounds. The key is to meditate regularly — it only takes a few minutes a day. You can’t eat junk food and sit around humming all day, but meditation can help you lose weight if you eat correctly and exercise in conjunction with it. Sit comfortably and clear your mind. Just see the image and get in touch with how you feel when you “see” yourself thin. Focus on these thoughts and emotions.

2Feel the feelings

If you’ve lost weight in the past, you may remember how great you felt when you saw the number on the scale drop. Try predicting a one-pound weight loss to start and see that number on the scale. The key is to remember those good feelings that you had when you saw on the scale that you lost, which helped you stay on your healthy eating and exercise plan. This could get you back on your plan, and that could help you get back to losing weight.

3Use a photo visualizer tool

There are weight loss visualizer tools like ModiFace’s Weight Mirror that let you upload a photo and see what you would look like if you lost or gained weight. It could be useful to physically see yourself thin, which can help you stay motivated and make better eating and exercise choices. There are several weight loss visualizers online — find one and get a photo ready.

4Envision giving in

A Carnegie Mellon University study showed that visualizing yourself eating a meal you crave can help you avoid binging. If you are thinking about eating a specific food you know isn’t in line with your weight loss plan, you may be able to picture yourself pigging out and enjoying the taste of the food, which could lessen your desire for the food or eliminate it completely.

5See the fitter “you”

Diane Petrella, a counselor from Rhode Island, says that how you see yourself is the greatest predictor of your ability to lose weight successfully. If you are trying to lose weight and hold on to the image of yourself as is, you will make choices based on the heavier image of yourself instead of the thinner image that you can visualize. As you imagine yourself reaching your goal weight, you can make better choices based on the new, healthier image.

If dieting and exercise don’t seem to be doing it for you, why not try some visualization techniques? You never know — mind truly can trump matter.

How to meditate lose weight

This video will show you how to use meditation and visualization to achieve your weight loss/fitness goals.

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