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The 4-pronged approach to lasting love

Want to know the secret to relationship success? There’s actually no single thing you can do to make sure your love lasts but before you panic, know that the secret to long term couplehood is actually a 4-pronged approach. We’ve fine-tuned the love formula and listed the 4 things that we know will improve your relationship and make it last.

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They don’t tell you honesty is the best policy for nothing. It’s the key to making sure your twosome is rock solid because seriously, when you lie to your partner it just comes back to haunt you. And we’re not even talking about big things – as in you made out with his best friend at a bar last week (big OOPS). We’re referring to the little things, like how you’re feeling about him on a day-to-day basis, what bothers you, what you like and what you wish could change. It’s actually being honest about all those little things that make the biggest difference when it comes to lasting love.


A sense of humor is really sexy so if your man can make you laugh you’re halfway to a happy, long-lasting relationship. The other part of the laughter equation is laughing together – at yourselves and at the silly things couples do, rather than taking your twosome too seriously. The more you can laugh together and the less you worry about the little issues that crop up in every relationship, the stronger your bond will be. Get silly together, go see funny movies, hang out with people who know how to have a good time – all that light- heartedness will rub off on you and be a great influence on your relationship.

3Hard work

If you’re looking at this one and shaking your head, we understand. There’s enough hard work in the world (like the current list of things your boss needs from you by the end of the week), that adding yet another thing you need to put effort into just seems like punishment. But trust us when we tell you that making a relationship last means hard work. On the flip side, staying with your man shouldn’t feel like a hardship because that probably means you’re not happy, but long-term love means doing things like compromising (so hard when you like to win) or being a support system when something not-so-nice happens (maybe your guy gets laid off or doesn’t get a promotion he worked really hard for). The point is you have to be ready to take the bad with the good – without freaking out too much.


Well duh – passion is a no-brainer if you want your love to last, but it’s not just about the initial tear your clothes off and have tons of sex all the time kind of passion. Once you’ve been dating for a while, sometimes catching your favorite show will trump sex. That doesn’t mean the sex is no longer amazing, but more that you’re past the stage of wanting to make out 24 hours a day. Now you need to work a little harder at keeping the passion at an adequate level. Make time for sex, try new things in the bedroom, schedule date nights and don’t forget to hug and kiss regularly to maintain a sense of intimacy.

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