Father’s Day gifts: Fitness gadgets

We know how dads just love their gadgets, whether it’s an electric shaver or super-advanced remote control — so this year give Dad the gift of good health with a fitness gadget that he’ll love.

Father's Day Health Gadgets

1Kettler Elyx 7

This state-of-the-art at-home workout machine is making waves in the fitness world. Not only will it give Dad a full-body toning, since it’s scientifically engineered to focus on all major muscle groups, but it also doubles as a cardiovascular workout. The machine has a four-person memory, so Dad can set his preferred workout, and it comes with an alarm that goes off when the desired heart rate is exceeded. The Kettler Elyx 7 comes with 48 pulse-pounding programs, a media player, training schedule and fitness test. (www.kettlerdirect.com; $2,384)

2Trek Desk

Does Dad spend hours upon hours at his desk? If so, the Trek Desk may just be the perfect gift for him. It’s a work desk that doubles as a treadmill, so he can actually do some light walking as he answers e-mails and returns calls. (www.trekdesk.com; $479)

3Wii Fit Board & Workout accessories

It seems that all guys, no matter what their age, have an innate attraction to video games — and that includes dads. If your dad is a stranger to the gym, the Wii Fit, with its wide range of work-out accessories that can be used in the comfort of Dad’s own living room, might be right up his alley. The program comes with a board that measures and tracks Dad’s weight, BMI and balance. Then he’s given routine options including weight lifting, aerobics, balance training and even running. Remember, he must have a Wii in order to use the Fit program, but you can snag him the Wii Fit board for $74.99 — add Wii dumbbells by Everlast for $20 a pair and Wii boxing gloves, $30, also by Everlast, so Dad can feel like he’s actually in the ring.


We all have trouble keeping track of our workouts, and Dad is no exception. Active Living by Phillips has created Activa, a new workout software that takes care of monitoring dad’s heart rate, distance and progress, and tailors a specific, realistic workout plan for his life. The best part is that Activa offers real-time coaches who can access his workouts to provide Dad with the motivation he needs and answer any questions or concerns he might have. The monitor also communicates with the music in Dad’s Mp3 player and will adjust the songs it plays depending on his heart rate. So if he’s hitting it hard and his heart rate is up, an up-beat song will play to keep him in the zone. (www.usa.phillips.com; starting at $149)

5Men’s Timex Sleek 150 Tap-Screen Watch

Fitness watches that double as health monitors are all the rage in the fitness world. They’re constantly evolving and now there’s a perfect one for Dad. It’s called the Timex Sleek 150, and it’s a large touchscreen with easy-to-read text and numbers, so with a simple tap Dad can easily view and monitor his heart rate, laps and pace. It also comes with audio alerts to remind him when to hydrate. Best of all, it stores workouts and progress so Dad can keep his routines on track. (www.roadrunnersports.com; $89.99)

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