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3 Bad reasons to stay with a guy

There are lots of reasons to try and make a relationship work – if know you still love someone but you’ve hit a rough patch, sometimes all you need is a little extra effort to make things work. But when you stay in a relationship for all the wrong reasons you could be selling yourself short. Wondering what those reasons are? We’ve listed a few of the biggest.

women breaking up with man

You hope he’ll change

We suspect women have been falling into this tricky trap since back when cavemen (and woman) ruled the earth. It’s a tempting myth and one that gets perpetuated over and over through books, movies and made for TV miniseries where the plucky young woman just has to bat her eyelashes at the brooding, diamond-in-the-rough type handsome hunk and he’s instantly a changed man. If you are currently subscribing to this myth and staying with a guy you kind of like, but hope will change, consider rethinking your strategy. You can definitely help your guy become a better person but you won’t be able to change the fundamental parts of his personality. You need to love him for him – not who you hope he’ll become. So think long and hard about who you’re dealing with and whether he’s worth the wait.

You don’t want to be alone

We get it, being alone can be tough and sometimes unappealing, but is your aversion to spending time solo worth dating someone you aren’t totally into? Life is too short to waste time with a guy you only have so-so feelings for — it’s time to ditch Mr. not-so-right and spend some time figuring out what kind of guy you’d really like to have in your life. Besides, being alone really isn’t so bad. Don’t think of the time you spend sans beau as time to dread. Use it to have fun!

  • Spend some quality time with your BFFs
  • Work on bettering yourself. Hit the gym, put time into getting that promotion you deserve or learn something new.
  • Take up a sport. Join a co-ed league and maybe you’ll meet someone new (and cute)!
  • Take a trip. Solo travel can open your eyes to new things and teach you a lot about yourself.
  • Repaint and reorganize your space. Solo time is perfect for getting your house in order and looking amazing.

You’d rather not deal with dating

Getting to the point where you feel like you’re over the whole dating thing is natural. There’s only so much time you can spend wading around in the dating pool trying to hook something worth catching. But if the guy you’re currently with feels more like a dud than a stud you may need to toss him back and try your luck at reeling in something better. But before you dive right back in it’s a good idea to take a dating break so you don’t get frustrated and end up right back where you started – with a guy you think is OK just because you can’t bear the thought of meeting anymore awful men.

Some other dating strategies to keep in mind include dating against type (especially if your current “type” is no longer working for you), finding new places to meet men (skip the bar and instead scope out the gym, your local café or ask friends if they know any single cuties) and saying no to the guys you feel just aren’t going to do it for you.

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