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10 Health tips for men

Father’s Day isn’t the only day of the year to think about the men – dad, granddad, brother, husband, son – in our lives, but it is a perfect opportunity to tell them how much we love them and want them to live a long, happy, healthy life. Let Father’s Day be the open door to have a heart-to-heart with your male loved ones about their health. Here are 10 health tips for men you can share with them.

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10 Health tips for men

1Maintain a healthy weight

This does not give you the green light to become the diet nag, but it is your chance to help the men in your life lose a few pounds while also improving your own health and fitness. Rally to go for walks after dinner, be excited to cook a healthier family meal, start sneaking in more family-friendly physical activity. The more positive encouragement your provide, the more likely your dad – and other loved ones – will enthusiastically approach the change to a healthier lifestyle.

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2Eat a rainbow of colors

Kurt Warner, a two-time pro football MVP and a final competitor on Season 11 of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars suggests replacing those beige foods, such as potatoes and bread, with brightly colored foods, such as fruits and vegetables. The Nutrilite Health Institute recommends 10 richly-colored servings a day.

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3BPA Free Water BottleStay hydrated

Both men and women are guilty of not guzzling enough water or other hydrating liquids every day. Consider buying the men in your life a reusable water bottle that is easy to tote and, if possible, keep it filled and ready to go for them. Our favorite is the 18-ounce Contigo Autoseal water bottles — not only are they leak-proof, they keep water cold for up to two hours, have a nifty storage compartment and will fit in vehicle cup-holders for convenient travel.

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4Find time for fitness

There is no question that exercise is essential for the health of both adults and children. Make working out a family affair so you all benefit from physical activity. Sign up for a family membership at your local gym and schedule family workout time. Make a family rule to play outdoors or, if weather doesn’t permit something outdoors, compete on the Wii. Plan active weekend outings such as hiking or biking. Help the men in your life find time for fitness.

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5Love to lift

Weight lifting is the easiest way to build and sculpt muscle, increase strength and boost metabolism. And men have it easier than women because they tend to be stronger and have more muscle mass. If the special men in your life aren’t lifting, challenge them to outlift you. Friendly competition, especially against a female, is a surefire way to get men to start strength-training.

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