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Are you ready to find The One? How to tell

The one thing about finding Mr. Right that most people don’t tell you is that you have to be ready for it. Chances are, if you haven’t found what you’re looking for in the commitment-worthy guy category, you may not actually be ready for long-term love. How do you know when you’re ready? We have some surefire signs.

Woman turning down drunk man

1You’re sick of dating

Playing the field can be fun – meeting new and different guys, discovering what you like and don’t like and giving yourself a chance to just enjoy life without giving too much thought to what comes next is actually pretty liberating. But as soon as dating starts to feel like a grind, you could be inching ever-closer to being ready for more than just a cute guy with a nice smile. We all get sick of dating and need a boy-break now and again, but when you’re truly “over” the whole song and dance of getting to know someone new every few months (or more), you could be ready to find someone with long term potential.

2The bar scene is getting boring

Going to the bar week after week can start off as a fun way to blow off steam and (ideally) meet a few cute guys along the way. But eventually you’re going to start feeling like the bar requires more effort than it’s actually worth, which may indicate you’re ready for more than just a weekly one-night stand. Besides, although we know a few lovely ladies who have met their long term loves at a bar, most women aren’t so lucky and end up ruling out bars as boy-hunting territory as soon as they’re ready for more than just non-committal fun.

Better ways to meet men:

  • Join a co-ed sports team (sweaty, fit guys…need we say more?).
  • Take a class.
  • Adopt the “just say yes” policy when it comes to going out with friends. You never know who you’ll meet.
  • Ask friends to introduce you to available (and ideally good looking) guys.
  • Volunteer for a few days a month.

3You want more than a pretty face

Physical attraction is always important, but once you’re ready to meet Mr. Right, you probably want more than just chiseled abs and smouldering eyes (though we wouldn’t complain about that killer combo) – you’ll be looking for someone who understands you, whom you can talk to and feel comfortable around, who challenges you and who you can talk to about anything. That might seem like a lot to ask for but we’re talking about a potentially lifelong commitment here, so you better set the bar pretty high. Once you start looking past aesthetics, it could be a sign you want to settle down.

4You crave stability

There comes a point in every woman’s life when not knowing if the guy you’re kind of, sort of seeing is going to call or even show up for the date you kind of, sort of planned last week, gets tiring. Stability can seem boring when you’re not sure what (or who) you want, but when you do start to realize what kind of guy really makes you happy, the not knowing becomes too much to handle. The stress of “will he call?” gets to be a pain in the butt and you’d rather just know that he loves you. This is probably the number one sign you’re ready to find The One – so start looking!

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