Love lessons from “Bridesmaids

We don’t want to give the plot away (so, spoiler alert: proceed with caution if you want to be surprised!), but aside from being literally laugh-out-loud funny, Bridesmaids can teach us all a thing or two about relationships. Read on to hear the wisdom:

Bridesmaids cast

1. Never ditch your friends for a dude.

Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph in Bridesmaids

Early on in the film, it’s clear that Kristen Wiig’s character, Annie, and Maya Rudolph‘s character, Lillian, don’t see each other as much now that Lillian has a boyfriend (soon-to-be fiancé), but they still make dates to exercise together or, our personal favorite, read gossip mags and drink white wine together at Lillian’s apartment. Fun for less than 20 bucks!

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2. A jerk will always remain a jerk.

Jon Hamm makes a cameo as a wealthy, self-absorbed jerk who treats Annie badly. The character is written so well, you know that one of the writers (Kristen Wiig or Annie Mumolo) had to have dated someone just like him — or heard about him from a girlfriend who had. Do those guys change? Nope. Generally, what you see is what you get, and even if a guy looks like Jon Hamm (drool), if he walks like a jerk and talks like a jerk, guess what? He’s a jerk.

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3. Don’t make your life all about guys.

Melissa McCarthy, Meagan, in Bridesmaids movie

Melissa McCarthy’s character, Megan, a tough, good-natured broad, is inspiring, not because she’s fun to watch (which she is — McCarthy really steals the movie), but because she’s an unconventional character with unconventional interests (government security being one), and she takes pleasure and pride in those interests. Same with Annie’s mom — she has bizarro passions (like painting exact likenesses of obscure celebrities), but she’s happy. Are guys nice to have? Definitely. But having an actual life is more important than scoring even the hottest, nicest, dreamiest guy out there.

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4. Keep your own apartment until you absolutely have to give it up.

Maya Rudolph’s character keeps her own apartment until the day she gets married, leaving a space for girls-only gatherings and reflection when she needs it. Cohabitation is a great choice for a lot of people (especially if you’re cash-strapped), but if you’re on the fence about shacking up, it might be best to hang onto your single-girl abode until he puts a ring on it.

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