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How to cope with your husband’s sports fever

ESPN is on 24/7, the sound of crowds cheering invades your living room morning-noon-and-night, dinner table conversation is about infielders, outfielders, designated hitters and other alien species, and you’re ready to run screaming out of the house. So, how’s a girl to cope with baseball season?

Two men and their wives watching a sports game

How to share the sports fever with your man

It’s baseball season! Oh, joy. Well, it’s his joy. As un-American as it may be, you don’t like baseball. It’s slow, it’s dirty with all that sliding into the dust, and to your way of thinking – downright boring.

So, what’s a girl to do?

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. If baseball isn’t your thing but you want to be spending time with your hubby, learn enough about the game so you can join him, at least some of the time, and share his passion with him.

Find the silver lining

Even if you don’t like the game, you can spend time at a stadium and enjoy it for other reasons. You can people watch and indulge in greasy stadium food and even have a few beers! Who knows? You might even make friends with the couple sitting behind you. You can enjoy being outdoors and out of the house with your guy. After all, the weather is much better than football season. You can just plain enjoy being with your spouse…regardless of what’s going on around you.

One great way to get involved with the season’s festivites is to organize tail-gate parties with other wives, or barbecues so that even weekend TV games can become a social event for both spouses.

But what if you really, really don’t like baseball? What if all this good stuff about sharing his passion, enjoying each other’s company and making a social event out of it just doesn’t cut it?

Baseball season alternatives

Find something that doesn’t interest him to do while he’s gone. Get his going-to-the-game schedule ahead of time so you can plan to be off doing something that he doesn’t necessarily like participating in. Things like quilting, playing tennis or pilates fit the bill. Indulge in one of your own passions such as photography, scrapbooking or even a girls’ night. Once the first pitch is thrown, you have ample time to grab drinks with the girls. His game night equals your girls’ night.

If you’re a social kind of person, find other spouses who are “ball game widows” and organize some other activity that you’ll all enjoy as an alternative to sports screams and stadium chants.

Support his passion no matter what

Most importantly, don’t ding your sweetheart for having a passion. Support and encourage him in his love of the game. Too often, when we don’t like something our spouses enjoy, we make fun of it or we complain “Oh, no, not that again!”

We certainly wouldn’t like it if they did that to us: “Oh, you’re off to a craft fair, AGAIN!” If it wouldn’t feel good to you, don’t do it to your mate.

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