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10 Healthy eats for women

Health food for women

6Dole Arugula; $3

Bypass the iceberg lettuce and toss a salad with Dole’s Arugula or blend this peppery green into a bold pesto. Dark leafy greens such as arugula are low in calories but also powerhouses of concentrated nutrients that can be eaten raw or cooked (stir arugula into soups or add sautéed arugula to grain or pasta dishes). Dole makes getting your daily quota of greens easy with its bags of arugula and other superfood salad kits.

7SooFoo; visit site for retail locations and ordering information

With the motto “SooFoo is super good food,” it’s hard not to want to grab a bag of SooFoo. This whole grain combination contains brown rice, barley, buckwheat, lentils, oats, wheat berries and rye berries, is 100 percent natural, provides five grams of protein per quarter-cup (dry) and is a good source of fiber (with 16 percent of the daily value per serving). Hearty and healthy, SooFoo can be used as a filling for vegetables or wraps, served as a side dish, or simply eaten as a balanced meal.

8Organic Bistro Bowls; $5 per bowl

Frozen meals are usually low on the list when it comes to healthy meals. Even the lower-calorie varieties are loaded with sodium, preservatives and additives. Organic Bistro Bowls are balanced with the very finest sources of lean protein or sustainably caught seafood, fiber-rich whole grains, organically grown vegetables and healthy fats. Best yet, they are gluten-free, dairy-free and GMO-free. Try all four varieties: Thai style red curry with beef, Thai style yellow curry with chicken, Asian style coconut lemongrass with chicken, and sesame ginger wild salmon.

9Arnold Select Sandwich Thins; $4

Chances are you’ve already ditched the white bread, but even whole grain varieties can pack more than 100 calories per slice, with little fiber to show for it. Our top bread pick is Arnold Select’s Sandwich Thins – they make perfectly portioned sandwiches and can even be used for mini-pizzas. Two thins have 100 calories and 5 grams of fiber, and are available in four satisfying flavors: seedless rye, multi-grain, whole wheat, and even whole grain white for those of you who still harbor a lingering fondess for white bread.

10 Oikos 0% Organic Greek Yogurt; $2 per 6-ounce container

Greek yogurt is all the rage right now, but not every container of Greek yogurt is good for you. Some brands are high in fat and calories, while others are high in sugar or artificial ingredients. Oikos is rBST- and pesticide-free, made with organic milk and fruit, and is a delicious source of live and active cultures. The Oikos 0% is fat-free, available in six flavors, with each serving coming in around 110 calories.

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