What’s your number?

The average number of partners women have in their lifetime is 10.5. What does your number say about you?

nuimber of partners

More partners, less marriage

New research shows that the more partners and exes a woman has had, the lower her chances of getting married. Women most likely to get married have an average of 10.5, while women with over 20 partners may have missed “the one.”

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Dust off those little black books, open up those yearbooks, and start counting! “The Bad Boy?” He counts. “The Athlete,” that’s two. While dating different types of guys helps narrow down which qualities you’re looking for in a man, too many can be a problem. Less than 5? You’re testing the waters and learning about yourself. Now’s the time to really pay attention to what turns you on, and more importantly, who doesn’t!

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What does your number say about you?

  • 5-10? You’re not alone – most women aged 18-35 fall into this range. You’ve been around the block and you’re starting to get a good idea of what you want in a man. Maybe the one you’re with is the one for you!
  • 10-20? So you were a bit more adventurous. If you’re looking to eventually settle down, studies show that now’s the time to find “The One.” Quit dragging your feet and start dropping some hints! How to tell if he’s about to propose>>
  • More than 20? Life’s been a party! Marriage may not be in your future, but don’t worry – you secretly make the rest of us very jealous! The single girl’s guide>>

Wondering how you compare to other women in your area, around your age? Check out this Facebook page dedicated to exactly this!

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