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Healthy habits for better sex

Good health and good sex go hand in hand. We talked to Dr Eric Braverman, author of Younger (Sexier) You, and he provided this advice on healthy habits for better sex.

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Healthy sex habits

1Eat yogurt

Make sure to eat a single eight-ounce cup of low-fat yogurt every day. Yogurt boosts passion for easier arousal, and is an excellent source of protein for increasing metabolism and losing weight.

2Stay hydrated

Drink water throughout the day. Water continuously flushes your digestive system, moving food particles along at a rapid rate, which leads to weight loss. Even better, a well-hydrated body is a well-lubricated body, making sex much more comfortable.

3Exercise often

Exercise can act as an aphrodisiac because it causes the body to release endorphins. Endorphins not only give you the feeling of a ‘runner’s high’ but may also help produce testosterone, which powers your sex drive. People who exercise regularly are more easily aroused and reach orgasm quicker than those who don’t. In a University of Vermont College of Medicine study of women aged 45 to 55, the subjects’ sexual satisfaction correlated directly to their fitness level.

4Soak up the sun

Just 20 minutes of real spring/summer sunlight (or year ’round if you live in warmer climates) per day without sunscreen causes the production of the skin pigment melanin (made from tyrosine), which can heat up your libido.

5Quit smoking

Nicotine initially helps to get your sex drive up, but in the long run it destroys your ability to become aroused.

More healthy sex habits

We also talked to Dr Dorree Lynn, author of Sex for Grownups: Dr Dorree Reveals the Truth, Lies and Must-Tries for Great Sex After 50. Dr Lynn offered these healthy habits to improve your sex life.

  • Exercise several hours before bedtime to keep the juices flowing. You need exercise, but not to increase your energy when you want to rest.
  • Avoid heavy meals and extra alcohol before bedtime — they tend to dull desire.
  • Leave the TV remote alone. Or, if you dare, no TV in the bedroom unless mutually agreed upon for specific programs.

Pleasing your partner

If you find yourself unhappy in the bedroom, odds are that your partner is unhappy too. Instead of nagging (or worse yet, not communicating) about what you want. Concentrate on the positive things that are going on in the bedroom.

Be vocal and praise your partner for the things they are doing right. Even a simple “that feels so good” will go a long way to boost your partner’s ego (and effort). Ask your spouse or partner what they want. This will open the lines of communication for you to talk about your own desires as well.

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