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How to build a solid relationship foundation

Successfully navigating the dating pool is one thing but getting serious with someone is a different story. If you’re well on your way to falling in love, we have some important tips to help you build a solid foundation for your brand new relationship. Here we’ve listed five tips for starting new love off on the right foot.

1Couple talking walkOpen up to love

You may be thinking you have this one nailed down already – you’re already in love, we know that, but are you open to being loved? Being open to love doesn’t just mean having fun with your new man and enjoying every minute you spend with him. You also have to be vulnerable and share parts of yourself you may not be used to putting front and center. Being part of a healthy, working relationship means letting your feelings be known – not hiding how much you like someone just to avoid getting hurt. If you really want to build a solid relationship foundation, you need to be ready for whatever comes your way.

2Trust yourself

Let’s face it, you know yourself better than anyone else so when it comes to making a new relationship work, the most important tool you have is your own intuition. The more you trust your feelings, the easier it will be to navigate your brand new relationship. Trust your loved-up feelings for your new guy and trust that he loves you in return. This – versus pesky self doubt – is the best way to keep your love on the right track. The minute you start doubting yourself, you’ll end up on a slippery slope to relationship disaster. Give your twosome a fighting chance with trust.

3Don’t over-think things

We know it’s hard – over-thinking a new relationship is par for the course and almost impossible not to do, but we’re urging you to try. The more time you spend worrying about whether he feels the same way you do or if he still loves you, the less time you’re spending as a productive participant in the relationship. We worry and over-analyze because it gives us the illusion of having some sort of control, but over-thinking your relationship is a waste of time that can actually have a negative effect. So instead of letting yourself unravel from all the worry, stay calm and use that energy to help boost your bond – not over-think yourself right out of your new relationship.

4Enjoy the ride

This one may seem obvious but more people than you think need to be reminded to take their new love one day at a time and just enjoy themselves. A solid relationship foundation is built on the joy that comes from being with someone you care about and are excited to be spending time with. The biggest favor you can do for yourself, your new man and your new relationship is to make sure you relax and have fun.

More ways to strengthen your relationship

  • Talk about everything. If something is bothering you, don’t hold it in – discuss.
  • Do things together other than watching TV or going out to dinner. Hit the gym, take a class or make a meal together. It will help you grow as a couple.
  • Talk about things other than work or the kids.
  • Listen – don’t just talk at your partner. Find out what he has to say and what he’s thinking.
  • Don’t discount small gestures – say please and thank you, give hugs and kisses and apologize when you’ve done something wrong.

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