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What your attraction to bad boys really means

In life as well as love, nice guys seem to come up short. They try and try only to end up without the girl they’ve been courting for months as his not-so-nice competition steals his thunder – and his date. If you’re one of those women prone to choosing the bad boy over his nicer, cleaner-cut counterpart, there are a few reasons you make the romantic choices you do. Here are a few.

Bad boy on motorcycle

1You like a challenge

Bad boys aren’t always easy to handle. In fact, they have a reputation for being downright difficult and if you’ve ever tried to control one or tell him what to do, you know it’s a near-impossible task. Bad boys live by their own rules, so if you find yourself attracted to one, you probably enjoy a challenge and being constantly kept on your toes. And let’s face it, being with a bad boy is never going to be boring. You’ll be left wondering if he’s going call, when he’s going to show up and what crazy ideas he has in store for the two of you, which can be fun for a while, but will get frustrating once you’re ready to get serious.

2You don’t want to settle down

We’re told not to judge a book by its cover (or person by how they look and act), but when it comes to marriage material, does the quintessential bad boy ever come to mind? Not really. You might be pulled towards guys with the bad boy look and personality because deep down, you’re not really ready to settle down, and the guys you choose reflect this fear or unwillingness to commit. Not being ready to tie the knot or commit to a long-term relationship is fine, just remember that when you do feel it’s time to find Mr. Right, the bad boy you’re with might not be your best option.

3You want to save them

The idea of the bad boy is one steeped in history – the loner, the tortured artist, the diamond in the rough. And it’s these ideals (perpetuated in movies and books) that lead us to believe that every guy wearing the bad boy badge is just waiting for the right woman to come along and save him. While this isn’t an impossible dream, the idea that you can change a guy prone to doing his own thing is not the best route to take if you’re trying to find real love. Dating bad boys just because you think you’ll be able to change them is futile and often ends in heartbreak — or at least aggravation.

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