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Stop micromanaging your relationship

The desire to be in control — or at least feel like it — is common. Life is crazy and prone to surprises, so a desire to keep a close watch on everything around you is understandable. Trying to oversee every aspect of your relationship isn’t healthy, though, and can be a burden on your bond. Here are a few ways to stop trying to micromanage your relationship.

Woman nagging husband

1Step away from the task at hand.

Whether your partner is cleaning the house, organizing the garage or cooking dinner, resist the urge to get in there and redo things, move things around or offer a barrage of suggestions. If your partner has taken it upon himself to help out, let him be unless he’s about to burn the house down or cause some other disaster only you can avert. Not everything has to involve you, so do your best to step away.

2Realize your way isn’t the only way.

You may be great at doing a lot of things, but that doesn’t mean your way is the only way. Assuming you always know better can cause trouble. Your partner probably has his own way of doing the same tasks; just because it’s different from yours doesn’t mean it’s any less right. Just walk away. Don’t get involved (unless it’s a joint task) and remember that you’ll get your turn.

3Sit back & relax.

If he’s taking care of dinner or has planned an afternoon of events for himself and the kids, don’t start meddling. This is your chance to sit back, relax and spend some quality time with a great book or take a long, hot bath. If you’re always trying to control everything, you’ll never have any time to yourself. Take advantage of someone else doing some work and put your feet up for a change!

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