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3 Ways to add edge to your sex life

Does your sex life need some spice? Even a healthy sex life (as in, you have it regularly with fairly good results) can get old and tired. The trick is to introduce some new and interesting elements into the bedroom (and beyond) before you start to feel bored. Here, we look at a few fun ways to add edge to your sex life.

Woman writing sex letter

1Take a vacation — just to have sex.

If you can afford it, by all means take a week and head to Aruba. But keep in mind that a vacation can mean anything from one night at a swanky hotel to a long weekend road trip. Whatever mode of getaway you choose, make sex the sole purpose. A lot of sex. Knowing you’re going away with a strict more-sex rule in place should be exciting enough to get your motor running. This is your chance to try new things and add to your repertoire without the same old setting (i.e. ,your bedroom). Being out of your element will add to the intrigue and make you more inclined to get frisky.

2Write a sex letter.

Writing out your kinkiest thoughts is often easier than saying them aloud, so write a letter to your guy (and have him write one to you) containing all the crazy things you want to do to him. You’ll get turned on just writing it, and he’ll only have to read a few lines before being ready to jump into bed. Alternatively, reading his letter to you outlining everything he has in store should get you pretty heated up.

3Act out a fantasy.

Fantasies are great for expanding your sexual repertoire because you’re acting. Maybe you wouldn’t feel comfortable with certain positions or toys in real life, but the fantasy version of you can be more relaxed and willing to try new things. What roles you play are up to you and your partner, but know that getting into character goes a long way in loosening your inhibitions and boosting your sexual confidence.

Other ways to spice up your sex life:

  • Try a new position.
  • Incorporate a sex toy.
  • Send suggestive texts back and forth all day.
  • Have sex at different times of the day (such as in the morning).
  • Go beyond the bedroom and have some frisky fun in other rooms.

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