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Get tempted back to your partner

You are so bored! You stand over the kitchen sink, doing dishes. You look over at your mate vegging on the couch, texting with one hand, chasing the remote with the other. You glance out of your kitchen window. Hmm. There’s that new neighbor again, shirtless, watering the lawn. Dimples, manly chin, tight buns, definitely uses whitening strips.

Woman looking at her husband on the couch

Ooh, that temptation

You’re tempted. Oh my, how you are tempted. The comparison with Mr-I’m-Worn-Out slouching in the recliner is frightening. You suds up the dishes more, hoping to get your mind off Dimples McSweetness across the street, but all that does is summon up images of bubble baths and naked men and… oh, nevermind.

Slow down, sister

Before you get totally carried away, tossing the dishtowel wantonly out the door, and running across the newly watered grass to plaster yourself up against McSweetness’ chest, maybe it’s time to remember that the guy on the couch isn’t all that bad. Maybe it’s time to remember that not long ago you actually craved naked time with him. And he still wants naked time with you.

The grass is always greener on the other side

Whereas the neighbor? Chances are good (no, excellent) that he’d play and cavort and royally entertain you for — oh, let’s see — maybe an hour. Then he’d be off to the next, a new notch on his belt, your name already forgotten.

Instead of working the neighborhood, how about working your man? You could have some fun rediscovering the sexy in him. All it takes is a shift in point of view. Forget the dishes, invite your mate into that bubble bath you were fantasizing about, or whatever would get both of you in a flirty-sexy-oh-my! mood.

Use your neighbor not as an end-goal, but as a reminder of how much fun getting naked can be, and go for it! The dishes will still be there tomorrow.

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