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Eww! 10 Creepiest celebrity porn products

Ever wonder what it would be like to sleep with Charlie Sheen? Yeah, neither do we. But these days, it seems like anybody who’s anybody has a porn product dedicated to them. Here are some of the creepiest celebrity-inspired sex objects.

It is true: Sex sells. Nothing hits the news stands faster than a good, old-fashioned celebrity sex tape. Or, in this case, a sex doll. These 10 creepy celebrity-inspired porn products have us questioning what our world is coming to:

Katy PervyCreepiest porn dolls everKaty Pervy

Apparently, Katy Perry has done more than kiss a girl — well at least in her porn spoof, Katy Pervy. The parody stars Kimberley Kane as Katy Pervy, a Ke$ha look-alike and an Elmo doll. Kinky! This is almost as creepy as her E.T. music video.


Creepiest porn dolls everFinally Miley

When Miley Cyrus turned 18, she became a legit adult… and a seriously popular sex doll. Her blow-up likeness, Finally Miley,  sold out in 48 hours. Speaking of pervy…


Charlie Sheen's Crackhead Charlie love dollCreepiest porn dolls everCrackhead Charlie: A Winning love doll

Inspired by Charlie Sheen, the Crackhead Charlie love doll is named after his infamous departure from Two and a Half Men — it also sold out in one day. The box pokes fun at some of his best quotes:

“Just add air and this neurotic nutjob will show you his two and half personalities, warlock fangs, fire-breathing fists and Adonis DNA.”

CREEPY FACTOR: Words — and numbers — can’t even describe.

Creepiest porn dolls everMischa Barton’s Chinese suprrise

TMZ reported this Mischa Barton sex toy today. It was found in China and seems to be some sort of vibrating ring with her face clearly on the packaging. Sometimes you need a little Barton to get the night rolling.


Bree Olson sex dollCreepiest porn dolls everBree Olson: Goddess sex doll

If you’re jealous of that rock star from Mars or just want to meet up with a goddess, you can order a life-size inflatable copy of Charlie Sheen’s previous love, Bree Olson.


Creepiest porn dolls everLady Gag Gag

This inflatable love doll is designed to look like Lady Gaga. We’re pretty sure the Mother Monster would not approve.


Lindsay Lohan love dollCreepiest porn dolls everLindsay Fully Loaded

Based off her role in Herby: Fully Loaded, this Lindsay Lohan sex doll is fully loaded for your pleasure. Ew!


Creepiest porn dolls everKinky Kim

Kim Kardashian has another sex tape! Except this one does not star the actual reality star. Remember her Carl’s Jr. commerical? Yeah, imagine that, only with no clothes.


Snookie love dollCreepiest porn dolls everSnookin’ for love?

Everyone’s favorite guidette is now a love doll. Snookie might not be able to find love on the Jersey Shore, but plenty of people are finding love with her likeness every night.


Creepiest porn dolls everTwilight lovin’

Not only did Twilight inspire a line of XXX parodies, it also has its own line of vibrators. Twilite Massager and Wand are here to get you through watching the actual movies.



TELL US: Which one of these creepy celebrity-inspired porn products creeps you out the most?

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