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Financial stress and divorce

In this current economy, many couples who actually really do want a divorce have to stay together because they cannot sell their most valuable asset, their house. Couple that with the possibility that the husband or wife may have lost their job, it does seem that financial stress can have a significant affect on a marriage.

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When one of the spouses loses their job

If the husband loses his job, obviously the financial burden is on the shoulders of the wife. If the husband can’t find a job and children are involved, he often assumes the role of “Mr. Mom.” If this happens, it’s important that neither spouse loses sight of what the other is doing and values it. It certainly isn’t easy getting up and facing the daily grind in the office every day to support the family. On the flipside, it’s not easy holding down the fort at home and making sure the kids are properly taken care of.

Even though the husband is not the breadwinner, it can still be a winning situation. A couple needs to work together as a team and put their family’s needs first to survive and hopefully save their marriage in the process. If the husband has to become Mr. Mom, then he has to put on an apron and do it. If the wife needs to go on a business trip for a week, then she has face reality and take it in stride. At that point, it’s about weathering the storm and pulling together as a team. With the husband at home and the wife at work, some men may resent the role reversal. However in the reality of the economy that we’re in, other couples are facing similar challenges and you’re not alone in this situation. Here are some ways to keep a solid balance to help maintain a happy home with your partner.

Finding balance and support

Ways to support him

Ways to avoid financial stress in your marriageEncouragement Is Key
When you come home from work tell him that he’s doing a great job. The house looks amazing, dinner is delicious, etc.

Ways to avoid financial stress in your marriageLet Boys Be Boys
He’s been cooped up in the house all week, so let him get together with the boys on the weekend. A little golf outing for a few hours will go a long way.

Ways to avoid financial stress in your marriageTextpert
You husband may be lonely at home during the day, so text him periodically and tell him that you miss him.

Ways to avoid financial stress in your marriageEasy Does It
Have a talk with the kids alone without your husband present and tell them to be on their best behavior with dad.



Ways to support her

Supporting your partner during financial strainMe Time
After the golf outing, give your wife a chance to get out of the house for a little “me time.” Mani-pedi to the rescue!

Supporting your partner during financial strainCoffee Talk
In the morning before your wife leaves for work, get up a little bit earlier and have coffee ready for her. Have a little coffee talk before she goes to work. Communication is key in any relationship.

Supporting your partner during financial strainDate Night
Your wife is on the daily grind in the office. Make sure that once a week you plan a date night. Call the babysitter and make reservation at a restaurant or go to a movie. This is an important way for you both to connect with each other.

Supporting your partner during financial strainFlower Power
Surprise your wife every now and then with some flowers. And it doesn’t need to be on just a holiday. Even one red rose can reflect a millions reasons why you love her.

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