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Anxiety: Should we fear natural disasters and global unrest?

Five easy tips to ease your anxiety

Retraining your thinking to be less catastrophic is like breaking a bad habit. Here is Dr. Jantz’s five-step guide to managing your anxiety by controlling your thoughts.

1Overcoming anxietyLook for independent reality

Your fears will yell loudly in your head about imminent danger. Don’t take those fears at face value — read, ask and evaluate to see whether those fears are justified. Very often, they’re not.

2Examine your conclusions

If concern takes an inch, fear takes a mile. Before you head down that road to panic, examine your destination; is that really where you’re headed?

3Look for the facts

Fears have a way of shouting down facts. Because of that, they can be harder to recognize — so you need to make sure to really look for them.

4Look at the odds

What are the odds of that what you fear will actually happen? Yes, there are damaged nuclear reactors in Japan; that is a fact. What are the odds any of that radiation will constitute a personal danger to you?

5Ask yourself: If it’s true, what can I do?

Unhealthy anxiety produces paralysis and panic. Healthy concern produces action and purpose. Fears take away your feeling of power and control; taking action and being prepared can give them back.

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