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4 Best breakup kits

Breakups are tough. Whether it’s you or someone close to you who’s going through a split, sometimes a little gift is a nice pick-me-up. Here are four breakup kits to put a smile on your (or your friend’s) face.

Women upset after breakup

Get on the road to recovery with these breakup kits:

Breakup kit ideaBreakup Recovery Kit

Breakup Recovery Kit

Packaged in a metal box that looks like a Band-Aid container, this cute kit includes a remedy booklet with “symptoms” that you can check off (including “compliment-fishing” and “stalking behavior”), positive-affirmation cards, real bandages, and a silicone bracelet (à la Livestrong) stamped with the word “Heartbroken.” The best part of the package: It also comes with a tiny metal charm shaped like an actual anatomical heart ($14;

Breakup kit ideaPink Kisses Breakup Kit

Pink Kisses Breakup Kit

This site is a one-stop shop for a breakup pick-me-up. You can choose from myriad Pink Kisses services, including sending yourself chocolates or flowers, booking a “pin-up party” photo session in which a professional photographer will take pics of you looking your 1950s bombshell best. One free service: You can upload a pic of your ex to the Pink Kisses website, and they’ll light a digital match and “burn” it online for you and all of your friends to see [].

Breakup kit ideaThe Frisky 30-Day Breakup Guide

The Frisky 30-Day Breakup Guide

Chock-full of advice, tips, and inspiration from celebrities including Audrina Patridge and Colbie Caillat, this book is a useful guide to navigate that tough first month after a breakup. Each day recommends a concrete action that a newly single gal can take (from going out for cocktails with the girls to making a “Breakup Bible” out of all of your friends’ words of encouragement) to get you well on your way to total, fabulous recovery [].

Breakup kit ideaCreate your own breakup kit

Essie pink nail polish

Head to a drugstore and pick up some key essentials: a new DVD just for you (Kill Bill is a good call), your candy of choice (hmmm… M&M’s or Sour Patch Kids?), some luxe bath salts or a new Essie nail polish from the beauty aisle, and a copy of Us Weekly. Ahhhh… bliss for under $25.

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