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3 Dating tips you need right now

Dating can be so frustrating — we know. Rather than taking a vow of celibacy, though, take a look at our simple yet effective strategies to dramatically enhance your dating life.

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Take control.

Whoever said women had to wait around for guys to call or buy them drinks clearly didn’t know how to have any fun. Instantly elevate your dating life by taking control and being assertive. If you see a guy you like, ask him out. If your BFF works with a great (and hot) single guy, ask her to introduce you. If you want to hang out with someone you just met, don’t wait for him to make a move; grab the phone and send him a flirty text. The point is to get over your inhibitions and take responsibility for your love life.

2Focus more on fun.

If you’re going to survive single life without a trip to the loony bin, you must focus on how much fun dating can be. You get to dress up and go out, meet new people, have great conversation, try new bars and restaurants, and gain new perspectives. Rather than dwell on the bad dates, remember that you’ll be much better off if you make the best of every situation.

3Remember, you’re the catch.

It’s so easy to get bogged down in wondering if your latest crush likes you, whether the guy you met last weekend is going to call, or if the guy you are dating is going to stay interested — but why does it have to be about him? Remember, you are a great catch, and you don’t always have to be the one worrying about call-backs. Not everyone does call back, and that’s OK. The more you worry about every guy you meet, the more frustrated you’ll get. Always move forward.

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