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Single during wedding season

Wedding season is around the corner, you’ve been inundated with invites — and you’re single. Before you have a wedding-induced anxiety attack, check out our tips for getting through wedding season without a date. You might find that being sans beau isn’t as bad as you think.

Girlfriends at wedding

Cursive number 1Go alone.

Despite what social conventions and movie weddings may make you think, you’re not a loser if you go alone. Having a date can make a wedding more fun, but don’t think you’ve failed in some way if you don’t. There will be food, there will be wine and presumably there will be people you know — so rather than fret about your single status, just have fun and use it as an excuse to show off a great dress. And besides, you never know who you’ll meet.

Cursive number 2Bring your BFF.

If going alone doesn’t suit your fancy (or personality type), bring your BFF. The invite doesn’t specify your date has to be male, so just bring someone you know will have a great time — and in turn help make sure you enjoy yourself. This way, you’ll have someone to talk to if you get seated at the table with everyone’s most hated aunt, and someone to gossip with if there are any hideous dresses to discuss or any single guys to attract.

Cursive number 3Enlist a male friend.

If none of your BFFs are free, or you’d rather have some male companionship, ask a male friend to go. This solution works on several levels: You have a date you can even drag onto the dance floor for the slow numbers, you don’t have to deal with questions from Great Aunt Susan about why you’re still single, and you have an excuse for not dancing with your friend’s weird cousin with the bad teeth and worse breath.

Remember: The wedding isn’t about you, so try to have fun for the happy couple regardless of your relationship status.

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