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Stop arguing about sex

Despite the fact that sex is enjoyable, it remains a sore point in many relationships. Even if you have minimal complaints about your sex life, there are most likely moments when you’d rather just read your book before bed, thank-you-very-much. Whether you argue about sex daily or only once in a while, here are some simple ways to stop butting heads and start having fun between the sheets.

Couple arguing in bed

Cursive number 1Be honest about how you feel.

Rather than just snapping at your guy or pretending not to notice his amorous advances, be honest about why you’re not in the mood. That way, he won’t feel completely rejected, and you don’t have to continue pretending to be asleep while he whispers suggestively in your ear. Honesty really is the best policy here. Once you’ve opened up the lines of sexual communication, discussing problems becomes easier, and issues get dealt with much faster.

Cursive number 2Avoid putting up walls.

If you and your partner regularly argue about sex, chances are you are now prone to putting up emotional walls whenever the subject arises. Closing yourself off emotionally is never a good idea — especially where sex is concerned. Having a healthy sex life means moving past any hangups or issues you may have, which will only happen if you face them head on. The more you shy away from tackling the issues behind your frequent arguments about sex, the harder it will be to improve life in the bedroom.

Cursive number 3Decide on a time that works for you.

It’s safe to say that most men are ready for sex at any time of day you choose to initiate it. For most women, though, certain times of the day just aren’t as favorable as others. If you can’t keep your eyes open long enough to watch American Idol, you probably don’t feel like having a quickie before bed. If you feel your best after decompressing after work but before you sit down to dinner, consider that as a possible time for sex. Picking a time doesn’t have to mean being intimate only when it’s in your day planner, but you’ll have fewer arguments about sex if your partner knows when you’re more likely to appreciate his advances.

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