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Unrealistic about love?

You may be frustrated with the latest crop of losers who have tried (and failed) to catch your eye, but that doesn’t mean finding a decent guy with relationship potential is impossible. Yes, you could be experiencing a dry spell where good men are concerned, but the problem could also lie in your attitude toward dating. Here are a few ways to tell if you’re being unrealistic about love.

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Cursive number 1

You’re waiting for the fairy tale.

We know Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty ended up with Prince Charming, and Kate Middleton is on her way to becoming royalty, but not everyone can end up living the life of a princess. We’re not saying you should settle for someone you don’t love or who doesn’t treat you well, but holding out for magical love that epitomizes a storybook happy ending might mean you’re waiting a while. Refocus your attention on finding a cute guy who treats you well but who may not have a castle waiting for you.

Cursive number 2You’ve put yourself on a pedestal.

You should respect yourself and not let anyone walk all over you. If you’re waiting for the one guy who will spend every waking minute telling you how gorgeous you are and buying you expensive gifts, however, you have an unrealistic view of love. A relationship is give and take, not just take and take. Hop down from your pedestal if you want a shot at lasting love.

Cursive number 3You think love is like the movies.

Love in the movies is epic, dramatic and fraught with frantic passion — not usually the stuff of real life. So rather than wait for Brad Pitt or George Clooney to come calling, consider the reality: The love you find, while amazing, won’t be the same kind of love you see on screen. Unless your new guy is a spy or on the run after robbing from the rich and giving to the poor, your life will be pretty normal. Don’t wait for the Hollywood version of love to present itself. You could miss out on something great in the meantime.

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