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How being happy can help you find love

Finding love can be a complicated affair. Sure, sometimes it sweeps you off your feet when you least expect it, but most of the time, we have to work for it. One of the best ways to attract love into your life is by feeling and projecting happiness. We’ve come up with some of the ways being happy can help you bust out of your dating rut and find lasting love.

Happy couple laughing

Cursive number 1Happiness breeds confidence.

When you’re confident, you have an ease about you that attracts the right kind of people — nice people who are more likely to treat you with the respect you deserve. When you lack confidence and feel unhappy, you’re more vulnerable to guys who aren’t worth your time and who are apt to take advantage of you.

Cursive number 2Like attracts like.

Wouldn’t it be great to attract men who are not only successful and motivated, but who know how to enjoy life and look on the bright side? Being happy can help you find a guy who also has a positive outlook and who can continue to bring optimistic energy into your life. The happier you are, the more likely you are to end up meeting people with a similar mindset, rather than people who will drag you down.

Cursive number 3Rejection won’t set you back.

Happiness acts as a cushion between your feelings and life’s little disruptions. Sure, you’re disappointed that the guy from last weekend didn’t call back, but happy people tend not to dwell on the past. Not every guy is “the guy” — that’s why we call him “the one” — so why lose sleep over the duds? Being happy helps you sidestep the small annoyances and focus on the big picture, improving your life and ensuring you end up with someone who loves you for you.

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