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Don’t block love from your life

If it feels like an eternity since your last relationship and months (or years) since you found a decent guy to date, you might be sabotaging your shot at love. Check out our top three signs that you’ve been blocking love from your life.

Uniterested woman

Cursive number 1You push people away.

If you continually push people away or put up emotional walls, it’s very unlikely that you will find love anytime soon. The worst part is that you might not even realize you’re doing it. Getting in the habit of resisting love is actually quite easy, especially if you’ve been burned by a bad breakup or if you come from a family who rarely showed emotion. The next time someone tries to be nice to you or offer you emotional support, take note of your initial reaction. Is your first instinct to resist and insist that you’re fine? If so, you might have trouble accepting love. Try to be more open to the help and support of others as a way to open yourself up to love.

Cursive number 2You won’t talk about your feelings.

Opening up and sharing your feelings can be difficult, but not doing so can make finding and holding onto love difficult. Finding love and being in a relationship means sharing your life with someone. This means making an effort to talk about how you feel so you can connect with your special person. Relationships can’t progress past the initial stage if you’re not willing to share your heart.

Cursive number 3You believe you’ll never find love.

Believing you’re destined to live a life alone could end up becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. The more you believe what you tell yourself, the more likely it will be to come true. Just like psyching yourself up before a job interview and telling yourself that you’ll nail the interview, maintaining a positive attitude toward love can help you achieve it. A negative attitude closes you off to opportunity, while a positive one attracts other people.

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