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How to enjoy a Saturday night alone

Saturday night doesn’t have to mean date night. If the weekend is creeping ever closer and your phone isn’t exactly ringing off the hook with potential paramours, don’t worry. Sometimes, a solo Saturday is just what the doctor ordered. Here are a few ways to enjoy a weekend evening alone.

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1Take yourself out for dinner.

Who says you need a date to go out for a nice dinner? If you find yourself without a date on Saturday night, don’t take it personally; take yourself out! Whether you bring a book to your favorite pub and enjoy a pint and a few chapters, head to a cute wine bar you’ve always wanted to try or make a reservation at the newest spot in town, enjoy some alone time in style.

2Have a DIY spa night.

Have a long, hot bubble bath surrounded by scented candles. Get glowing with an exfoliating scrub. Lather on some luxurious body lotion. Apply a moisturizing mask to your face while you paint your fingers and toes. Then spend the rest of the evening curled up with a glass of wine and a good book.

3Catch up on chick flicks.

Choose some movies you’ve been meaning to watch but haven’t had time to see, or grab some of your favorites you’d love to watch again. Pop some popcorn, get comfortable and enjoy an evening of must-see movies.

4Check out a live show.

Check local listings and Google some bands to get a sense of their sound. Choose one you like and get ready to rock out. Taking in some live music is always an interesting and energizing experience, even if you don’t end up loving the band.

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