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When you need space

Being in a relationship means spending lots of quality time with your significant other, but having your own space is OK, too. Not only is craving alone time perfectly normal, it also can benefit your relationship. If you’ve been finding that you and your guy have been getting too close for comfort lately, here are a few strategies for creating space.

Girls night in


Take one night a week off.

If you’re together every night of the week and the togetherness is wearing on you, think about taking one night off a week to do your own thing. He may not like the idea at first, or you may wonder what you’ll do with yourself, but one night alone can do wonders for your relationship. Clean your apartment, curl up with a book or just go to bed early. The point is to do things you no longer get to do because you spend every night with your guy. Ideally, creating space will bust boredom and bring you closer.

2Find separate interests.

Having similar hobbies and interests is great; you both love to run (so you do it together), and you cheer for the same sports team (so you watch games together). That leaves very little time for your own interests. Rather than doing everything in the presence of your partner, find something you can do alone. Join a book club, take a up a new sport or go to the gym to work out instead of going for that morning run with your guy.

3Reconnect with friends.

Relationships often overtake friendships because you (understandably) want to spend as much time as possible with your new beau. Eventually, you’re going to have to reconnect with your BFFs. Whether it’s every other Friday or one weekend a month, spend some quality time with your girlfriends. You can still hang out with your guy, but making time for your friends is a good (and healthy) idea.

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