3 Ways to compromise

One of the best ways to keep your relationship on track and out of trouble is to compromise. If you’re willing to cooperate and work toward turning potential hazards into harmony, you’ll go a long way in making your love last. Here are a few simple ways to introduce compromise into your relationship.

Stubborn couple



Make a trade.

If you’re at an impasse and neither one of you is willing to give in, make a trade. Consider what you’re arguing about; is there a way both of you can win? Maybe he’s hoping to skip out on brunch with your parents to play hockey with the guys, but you’re not budging. What if he agreed to drive the kids to their various lessons for a full week or perhaps make dinner every night in exchange for getting his way? He gets to have fun with his friends, and you get a week off from a chore you hate: Everybody wins!

2Keep score.

Nobody accurately remembers who gave in last, or most. To avoid a drawn-out argument over whose turn it is to give in, keep track of who does what and when. That way, the next time he says, “I did the laundry last week… your turn,” you can check the chart and show him that he’s wrong — and that he should probably get back to handwashing your delicates.

3Call it a draw.

When no one will back down, just agree to disagree. This is not the most satisfying option (we know you want to win), but is it worth a fight that goes on for days? Rather than wasting time and energy arguing about the same thing over and over, just call it a draw and agree to walk away from the fight knowing that nobody won.

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One of the best things you can do in an argument is take a deep breath, walk away and come back to the issue after you’ve both had some time and space… even if it’s only five minutes. Remember it’s not about winning; it’s about compromising. However, we ladies have to admit that seeing his side of things is not always easiest in the heat of the moment. So, taking a few steps back to think about your argument will help both of you win.